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  • Types of ketogenic diet for weight loss, benefits, permitted and prohibited foods. The dynamics of weight loss, the possible side effects of diet and ways to minimize them. The most common mistakes in the keto diet and how to avoid them.
    16 October 2021
  • Rules and shades for following a gastritis diet: what to eat and what not. Nutritional characteristics during disease exacerbation. Diet for erosive and atrophic gastritis.
    1 December 2020
  • Losing weight at home: the myth or reality of the relevant components, and the terms and conditions, getting started losing weight is an effective tool and quick ways of weight-loss secrets from a nutritionist.
    11 June 2020
  • Menu every day for weight loss must be properly structured. A healthy diet will help you to lose the desired 10 kg or more.
    24 November 2018
  • Some effective methods for weight loss such as dieting and exercise. How to motivate yourself to implement all of the recommendations?
    14 August 2018
  • Teas for weight loss at home: effective recipes
    22 July 2018
  • Weight loss with the help of jelly: benefits, recipes, contraindications
    21 July 2018