Diet menu for weight loss the stomach and to the side of the women

The stomach and sides expand for a number of reasons: pregnancy, disease, malnutrition, stress, and therefore the diet menu for weight loss belly and sides, need to take into account the specific needs of the body, and the quantity of excess weight. If you want to remove the scope, and the fat in that area, it is difficult, therefore, it is not and should not be relied on to quickly and to a stunning effect. To lose weight help and conserve meals, however, you will need to be repeated on a regular basis. In addition to this, it is advisable to not only adjust to the diet, but also exercise. A holistic approach is the most effective.

The causes of fatty deposits in the abdomen

the diet for the tummy

It causes a buildup of fat have both internal and external origin.

Stress of the situation. The response to the stress of it on an individual basis. In the event that leads to uncontrolled consumption of food. In addition, under the pressure of the release of the hormone cortisol, which converts calories into fat. This is a twice a contribute to weight gain. In order to avoid the consequences in the form of a compensating weight, it is recommended to take a sedative.

The lack of exercise. A sedentary lifestyle is full of weight due to a slowing down of the flow of blood to the tissues, and the metabolism of the low-energy requirements. When a person is not experiencing physical stress, muscle atrophy and fat tissue thickens, developing the cellulite accumulate fat in the abdomen and the flanks.

Diseases of the liver and dropsy. These diseases are caused by an abnormal growth of the abdomen.

An improper diet. Have a negative impact on the body, in all directions:

  • salty foods cause fluid retention in the body;
  • cholesterol clogs blood vessels, which interfere with the function of the body;
  • eating at different times causes problems with the digestion of fats worse digested;
  • due to the consumption of food in large quantities, the stomach gradually stretches, and achieve a feeling of fullness need to eat more and more food.

Heredity. Fat deposits on the belly and flanks, which are characterized by the type, the shape of an Apple. The specific actions of loss of weight, you should start it as soon as they have been negative developments in this area, so in order to lose weight, in this case, it is in the stomach and to the side of it.

Menopause. The natural period in a woman's life, when there is a change of form. Characterized by the accumulation of fat content in the abdomen, and the sides of the. To normalize the weight, use of hormonal methods.

At the time of birth. During labor, your body stores the extra pounds, for the protection of the fetus, and its power is in a critical condition. In addition to this, hormonal changes. When a child is born, the skin of the abdomen to become loose and saggy. But, if you take the action, then the weight-loss the stomach and to the side of the rapid.

Hormonal failure of. The excess cortisol slows the metabolism and causes the accumulation of fat content. With a normal hormonal balance, it can begin to lose weight.

What should be the right diet for weight loss belly?

The stomach is to lose weight, you need to bear in mind the following rule: consume less calories, than is consumed. If it is the amount of body fat is negligible, it is enough to eat, as usual, with the exception of a harmful product, and adding a moderate exercise. In the presence of a large number of extra pounds, and the stomach, therefore, it is necessary to the diet. Diet for weight loss belly and sides for women can be a tough and delicate, of different duration, from days to a few weeks.

In any case, you should stick to a healthy diet:

  • 5 meals a day, with meals, in a strictly allotted period of time.
  • Dinner at least 3 hours before going to bed, but not later than 7 PM.
  • The daily amount of water – about 2 l of drinking water, it needs to be on an empty stomach, and half an hour before eating before each meal. The water will adjust to the stomach for digestion and blunts the hunger.

The main features of a proper diet

To eat right you need not only to help you lose weight. The following the basics of a healthy diet, we were able to normalize the work of all systems of the body through the consumption of healthy foods and proper preparation.

  • As a dressing for salads use yogurt, low-fat sour cream, flax, or olive oil, rich in vitamin E. the Mayo rule.
  • Food can be broiled, baked, boiled. In the process of cooking, the fat is added to it.
  • You'll need to cook on a low heat.
  • Exclude fried, fatty foods, alcohol, soda. If you want to roast, how to cook the dishes that you need them in a dry frying pan without any oil.
  • As a Supplement to a normal diet taking vitamin.
  • A daily caloric content of food consumed – in the range of 1500-1800 kcal.
  • The fat from the meat and poultry need to be cut off.

Important! The parts should be such as to leave a sense of light starvation – an average of 200-250 g. Because of the small doses, it reduces the volume of the stomach, the saturation will occur at a faster pace.

menus for weight loss

The woman in the video talks about 10 principles of proper nutrition, that is, it is not difficult to observe:

The total or partial elimination of the harmful food products, beverages and tobacco

Harmful foods for weight loss belly and sides is not only a specific product, but a properly cooked meal.

Food is not allowedThe damage
Baked goods, including cakes, cookies, waffles)These products contain TRANS fats, which can contribute to obesity, development of diabetes, diseases of the heart, blood vessels, the deposition of the cholesterol levels.
Fast food
Deep fried
Candy and other confectionery productsIt contains a lot of sugar which is quickly absorbed and stored as fat. Because of the rapid digestion, almost instantly a feeling of hunger
The ice cream
The barrel
The salt of theSalt retains water in the body, and adds extra pounds of weight
PreservativesAccumulate in the body and have an impact on the metabolism of the

Healthy food

Healthy foods for weight loss should include in the diet. The mechanism of action is different:

  • they have fat burning properties.
  • speeds up the metabolic rate;
  • the cleaning of the bowel.

Products promoting weight loss:

The action of theThe productThe use of the
The loss of fatGreen teaTo eliminate body fat, including visceral
CucumberIt contains a lot of water and vitamins
GingerIt promotes the resorption of subcutaneous fat, improves secretion of the stomach
CinnamonSuch as ginger, to prevent the accumulation of excess fat
Red wineThe beneficial substance – resveratrol contained in the wine breaks down the fat cells
It stimulates the metabolism of theHellIt prevents the deposition of fat, promote the metabolism of
GrapefruitDue to the presence of organic acids and essential oils speeds up metabolism
AreaNutritious and low in calories, promote metabolism
CabbageTo expedite the processing of fats, preventing their absorption. At the same time rich in nutrients.
Dairy productsTo quickly saturate, normalize the digestive tract
CleanThe oatmealAs a brush to cleanse the body of toxins
BranRich in natural fibres

A well-balanced meal

a healthy diet

The diet should be balanced. This needs to contain foods rich in:

  • fiber: fruits and vegetables – 30%,
  • complex carbohydrates: whole grains – 40% of
  • protein: nuts, mushrooms, lean meat, fish, dairy products-by 20%;
  • lactic bacteria: kefir, a yogurt – up to 10%.

The total amount of fat, salt and sugar should not exceed 5% of the total daily intake.

The current power

In accordance with the principle of fractional power, the daily requirement should be divided into 5 parts including 3 main – Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and 2 snacks in between main meals. The time may be adjusted to suit your schedule, with the proviso that, in the course of the meal, it took no less than 2.5 and not more than 4 hours. The best time

  • To 7 am;
  • 10 am;
  • the hour of the day
  • 4 hours per day;
  • 7 PM.

Effective diet for weight loss belly and sides is not always the reglamentary snacks, but the food, especially the long, hungry, you can eat an Apple or a glass of low-fat yogurt.

Please feel free to follow! Eating before going to bed, it is not possible.

The correct distribution of daily caloric content of food

The share of daily calories should be taken as 100%.

  • The breakfast should be nourishing, but not too much of a calorie to 25%.
  • The lunch must be sufficiently small to eat – 40%.
  • Light dinner – 20%.
  • The first installment – 5%.
  • The second snack – 10%, respectively.

Other important tips

The diet will be more of a noticeable impact in a complex with physical exercises. They stimulate the body. In addition to the training, the experts of the diet recommend to Supplement the diet:

  • coverings.
  • the campaign is in the bath and sauna;
  • increase in the consumption of water.
  • massage.

Please feel free to follow! the positive effect on weight loss it is a full 8-hour night's sleep.

The options of fasting days of

On the fasting day – a day of a simple diet for weight loss belly and sides. They are very effective if you repeat them on a regular basis, such as weekly, completing in this way a properly balanced diet. Due to the fasting days to clean the intestines, normalizes metabolism, reduces the amount of waist.

The essence of the signs in use during the day, one of the product. To the best of the fast of the day is one that is based on the consumption of favorite foods.

Types of fast days:

ViewA description of the
Kefir1-1,5 l and measure out to 5-6 meals.
PlayIn the evening hours, pour the washed raw rice, water, salt and oil not be added. A day to eat 500 grams of rice.
BuckwheatCook like rice.
Apple5-6 times a day, eat 1 Apple. If there is a strong hunger, you can eat more, but not more than 1.5 kg per day.
WatermelonA day to eat 2 kg of pulp.
ChickenThe chicken breast is cooked or steamed. Be sure to remove the skin. The living part of the 400 g
The cucumberIt is possible to eat without restrictions.
Grapefruit2 pieces of on a daily basis. Due to the high acidity of grapefruit fasting day, it is not recommended for people with digestive problems: ulcer, gastritis.
Of water with lemonFree of all restrictions.

You can combine the two products in a half-day quantities, so that it is easier to transfer restrictions. A popular combination of:

  • Apple+cottage cheese;
  • cheese+cucumber;
  • buckwheat+rice.

For greater efficiency, you can add fat burning spices such as cinnamon to apples, ginger to the chicken and the yogurt.

An effective workout for a fine band

Nutrition + physical activity – is the key to successful and rapid weight loss. Of excess weight up to 10 kg, it can be limited to Hiking, sports, nature, morning or evening jogs, the restriction of the use of cars, public transport, a lift. For more serious problems, you need to do special exercises for weight loss belly and sides. The most effective:

  • rotation;
  • exercise "vacuum", "Bicycle";
  • run;
  • the leg lifts;
  • packages with a weight training;
  • the torsion-circle;
  • jumping the rope;
  • an exercise wheel and ball;
  • the exercises with the ribbon.

Exercises for women should be carried out in the right order: first of all, cardio training, and then the load power of the press, and cardio. The duration of the exercise is to have 50-60 minutes to complete. The number of workouts per week from 3 to 5.

Diet menu for weight loss belly and sides

the menu

Nutritionists recommend to pay attention to your specific diet with the correct product chosen, the weight-loss the stomach and to the side. To eat for weight loss belly – it is a menu of different caloric content and the duration of adherence, ranging from simple fasting the day of, and at the end of a long 2 to 3 week diet.