Cinnamon for weight loss: properties, use, reviews weight loss

Relatively recently, nutritionists began to use cinnamon for weight loss. Its effectiveness is to put the product quickly to fame and popularity. Because it is enough only to drink, which helps to reduce weight. In addition, many prescription formulations that will help you choose the best option to get rid of excess weight.

Cinnamon description

cinnamon for weight loss

Cinnamon (Ceylon koritnik) is an evergreen tree which belongs to the family of Lauraceae of the genus Korisnik. In height can reach 15 m. the tree Grows on the island of Sri Lanka and the West Indies. Culture likes tropical and subtropical climate.

In fact, cinnamon is the dried part of the bark used as a spice. For spices used the young shoots of trees, which are cut and separated. The outer layer is removed and the inner layer is cut with a thickness of 1 mm and dried. When dry cut the plate, fold the thin pipe that resembles papyrus.

In the drying process convolution dark brown. Then cut into pieces 5-10 cm in length. This is my favorite of all the spice in its original form.

There are four types of product:

  • Ceylon cinnamon is really a noble, have valuable medicinal properties;
  • In the malabar coast cinnamon brown;
  • Cinnamon – spicy;
  • Chinese (Cassia) – cinnamon is a fake.

Note! True connoisseurs of the product, it is recommended to buy just the sticks, not cinnamon powder. The only way to distinguish true cinnamon from Cassia (double the spices).

Properties of cinnamon for weight loss

All the properties of spices the major five good for weight loss:

  1. Anti-inflammatory action. Excess weight, especially rolling in the obesity, that are directly related to chronic inflammatory processes in the body. So, that eliminates inflammation, and helps in reducing weight.
  2. Increase sensitivity to insulin. This is increasing the body's resistance to insulin, culture eliminates the main reason for gaining weight.
  3. It lowers the level of sugar in the blood. Part of the spice itself acts as insulin AIDS the movement of glucose into cells, for further processing into energy, not fat stores. Culture contributes to the slowing down of certain digestive enzymes responsible for the rapid degradation of carbohydrates. As you know, fast carbs contribute to weight gain.
  4. On the psychological level, the spice, which is perceived as sweetness. Consequently, it contributes to the phasing out of the sweet, which positively affects the process of weight loss.
  5. Drug. In the East he said: "Cinnamon maketh glad the heart." Often, a set of extra pounds associated with excessive intake of food on a background of nervous stress. Therefore, improving the mood, the culture becomes very useful in the fight against obesity.
  6. The product contains in its structure a lot of antioxidants, especially polyphenols. In comparison with other spices korisnik be deemed to be the unconditional leader by quantity of antioxidants. Even surpassing the oregano and garlic.

Informative! We are accustomed to the gentle aroma of the spices, but the inflorescence of this culture are very sharp and unpleasant smell.

Weight loss belly and sides of the home

The product can be used both for indoor and outdoor use. The use of spices for body wraps will help to reduce body fat in the abdominal area to get rid of cellulite, will be the contours of the figures turned around.

Use to image known for a long time, and after that, when it became fashionable to do the different wraps has began to add in the mix of care. Inflicted on the body of the active substance in the composition of the spices to penetrate into the upper layers of the skin, triggering a number of biochemical reactions.

The wrapping procedure triggers various procedures:

weight loss with cinnamon
  • promotes flow of lymph;
  • normalizes blood circulation;
  • swelling;
  • warms the skin (in the use of film improved the thermal effect);
  • breaks down fat cells;
  • starts the metabolic processes;
  • nourishes the skin cells of the dermis with oxygen and nutrients;
  • eliminates toxins and other harmful components;
  • it is nourishing, toning and rejuvenating action.

On this basis, the lining of the cinnamon are effective way to remove cellulite and weight loss. The skin after the procedure becomes smooth and elastic. A pleasant scent and a warming effect to help relax and get maximum pleasure from this pleasant procedure.

Don't forget! Use any blend of this can be achieved with strict adherence to recommendations and the use of technologies, as well as in the absence of contraindications.

Before proceeding, you should take a hot bath. This will help the pores open up. When you use a body scrub to cleanse from dead skin cells. The mixture for the lining, is prepared in advance. It is also necessary to test for allergic reactions.

Prepared mixture is applied on the problematic area, evenly and wrap with cling film. At the top you can wear a warm coat or cover it with a blanket. If such a procedure is better to lie down and relax. Exposure time means 20-60 minutes. As soon as it is warm and the tingling turns into burning sensation, the treatment ends and the rest of the wash from the skin. Rinse the mixture under a warm shower. The implementation wraps you in 2-3 days. There can be 10-15 procedures.

Classic wrap

Olive oil slightly heated on the steam bath, add the essential oil of cinnamon. It is advisable not to excessively raise the temperature of the oil, because it is under the influence of high air temperatures, to lose all their healing properties and procedures, that will effectively. The mixture is prepared at the rate of 1-2 drops of ether in 1 tbsp oil. Stand for 30-40 minutes.

Warming pepper

This composition is very effective, but it can cause irritation. Everyone knows that red pepper was the main fighter against cellulite. Combined with cinnamon creates a powerful thermal effect on the problem area, which accelerates the process of circulation and breakdown of fat in the cells.

When cooking the pasta, mix three tablespoons of olive oil, ground cinnamon, red pepper. The mixture is heated on the steam bath.

Ginger, a blend of

Pasta with ginger also makes a great stinging effect because the cinnamon and ginger – two of the warming component. Grated ginger and cinnamon powder together in equal shares. Add milk or olive oil to obtain a thick slurry. To preserve this structure it is possible to half an hour.

Honey wrap

Honey with cinnamon is the perfect combination for weight loss. Moreover, such a combination of components rarely gives an allergic reaction. 4 tablespoons of honey, mixed with 3 tablespoons of cinnamon powder. Slightly warmed on the steam bath. To withstand such composition can be, for approximately one hour.

>Caution! It is not necessary to increase the dwell time of the trains, even if there is no discomfort. All parts are hot-cumulative effect and somehow useful, the procedure will become dangerous.

Recipes cinnamon for weight loss

infusions with cinnamon

For weight reduction spice can be used in different combinations and compositions. The most common ingredients are honey, cinnamon and ginger. From a variety of recipe formulations actually pick up a recipe will taste and it will be a process of liberation from bothersome pounds as pleasant and productive.

Drink for weight loss: water, lemon, honey, cinnamon, ginger

To get a healthy drink one Cup of boiling hot water using a 1H.l. fresh small ginger and spices. Capacity cover and leave to infuse in 30 minutes. After some time add lemon juice (half) and 2 tsp of liquid honey.

Consequently, the beverage is cooled (you can place it in the fridge). Drink a half Cup in the morning and in the evening, preferably on an empty stomach. To prepare this remedy you need each day, because during long-term storage of all components, which have lost their useful properties.

Kefir cocktail with Apple and cinnamon

2 cleaned the apples from the skin and seeds, and dust with a blender into a puree. Add the yogurt and again beat. Then pour 1 hour.l. cinnamon powder and mix well. This cocktail will be a great Breakfast or lunch option right instead of the bread and sweet candy.

The "Cocktail supermodels"

The composition of this cocktail, yogurt, ginger, spices and peppers. This cocktail starts the metabolism, eliminates the for a long time, the feeling of hunger. But its use should be cautious and monitor your reaction. For the preparation of the cocktail for 1 Cup of yogurt add ½ tsp of ginger (grated) and spices 1 pinch of chili pepper. It is recommended to drink on an empty stomach. The effect of such a cocktail is quickly, but it is possible problems with the digestive system. The use of the "cocktail models" cannot be more than twice a day.

Important! For cooking preparations for the use of cinnamon or cinnamon. It is also recommended that the use of sticks spices, because they retain a greater amount of nutrients, and the result will be as efficient as possible.

Cinnamon with honey, how to cook, recipes

Honey spice – a unique compound that has been used for beauty and health. It is considered that tea is consumed with honey and cinnamon delays the signs of aging. Nectar should be used natural, not pasteurized. In the ideal case, this should be the home of a local apiary.

An infusion with cinnamon and honey

For making funds on 1 glass of hot boiling water add half an inch sticks (or 1 tsp powder cinnamon. Mix, cover with a towel and leave for half an hour to charge. Then add 2 tsp of nectar, stir thoroughly. The final drink is consumed twice a day (morning and evening) on an empty stomach, 0,5 cup. Every time when you will need to prepare a fresh beer and drink it in within 24 hours. Drink the infusion should be cold, not warm. The chicks can be 2-8 weeks.

Tea with cinnamon and honey

To cook healthy beverages, beer, with 200 ml of any tea (herbal, green, tea), decanted, removing welding. Then add 1 tsp of cinnamon powder (0.5 cm rods), cover and leave to steep for 30 minutes. After add honey (2 teaspoons) and mix well. To this drink it is needed, on an empty stomach, morning and evening, to half a Cup.
It is not recommended to cook a large part of the funds. During long-term storage (over 24 hours) drink loses its usefulness.

Don't forget! Honey is added only in warm water, because high temperatures all its useful properties disappear. This is the reason why it is added after 30 minutes of infusion of spices and the coolant.

Kefir cocktail with honey

This yogurt can be consumed as a snack and also as one meal per day fast. To prepare the cocktail, 0.5 liters of yogurt (preferably low fat) add 1 tsp of vinegar 2 tsp of honey. All the ingredients must be thoroughly mixed.

The final cocktail is a drink throughout the day. The storage of such facility does not apply. You can leave the drink in the fridge and eat cold. This cocktail can be a long time, even after the goal is achieved – weight loss. This drink is a useful addition to the diet, which helps in maintaining the body weight, the prevention of various diseases.

The most effective way to lose weight with cinnamon

The most affordable and effective way to eliminate excess weight is to have spices in your daily diet. This can be added to tea, coffee, fruit drinks and dishes that are used directly as a spice to impart a delicate scent and flavor.

Numerous studies by American scientists prove that daily consumption of cinnamon helps to lose weight, gently and painlessly. In addition, the product is combined with honey helps to reduce the likelihood of developing cardiovascular disease.

beverages with cinnamon

During the day you can drink some water with cinnamon, in the morning, drinking coffee with the addition of spices. By the way, korisnik you can reduce the amount of sugar in drinks. Lovers of fresh juices and smoothies, which can increase the dietary value of the smoothie, use 1/2 tsp of cinnamon.

Be aware! Cinnamon extract is suitable for weight loss, so it is not used in the over-the-counter formulations.

Side effects and contraindications

Before using spices, you need to examine the contra-indications that may compromise health status under the impact of the product. Still include:

  • the possibility of allergic reactions; depression; heart disease; stomach ulcers;
  • personal intolerance to any of the products on prescription;
  • pregnancy and breast-feeding;
  • gallstones and kidney;
  • pathology of the respiratory system (the aroma of the spices will only worsen the situation);
  • pulmonary fibrosis; enterocolitis; pancreatitis and cholecystitis;
  • the use of potent medicines;
  • myocarditis;
  • skin diseases heavy currents.