Diet for weight loss for women for a week

There is no woman who would not want to have a slim, toned figure,
flat stomach and feminine sides. A simple desire, as a rule, is not enough and the most popular method for weight loss among the fair sex is the diet. But, to choose what kind of diet for weight loss belly and sides of women while not harming their health?

diet for weight loss for women

It should be noted that, when using any of the diet should follow the rules of a healthy diet. Due to the balanced and nutritious food, that you will not only achieve the slimness side and belly, but also normalize your metabolism, the intestines and stomach .

The basic principles of the diet for weight loss the abdomen and back to women:

  • Always eat Breakfast! Not a Cup of coffee in the morning.
  • Eat less but more often. The optimal number of meals – 4-6 times per day.
  • Light dinner 3 hours before bedtime is your best friend.
  • Drink at least 2 litres of water a day.
  • Reduction in the consumption of fast carbohydrates (sweet, flour).
  • Refrain from fried, fatty foods, alcohol and salt.
  • Eat more vegetables and fruits.
  • The strongest impact will be the combination of diet, weight loss sides and belly physical exercises for a high intensity .

Below are a low-calorie food with minimal fat:

  • Low-fat dairy products: cottage cheese, kefir, yogurt, low fat cheese;
  • Boiled eggs, lean fish, lean meats;
  • Cereals: buckwheat, rice, oatmeal. Legumes: peas, lentils, kidney beans;
  • All vegetables, fruits, berries, and salads;Nuts and dried fruit, honey ;

The list of prohibited products for consumption

Below are the products, it is desirable to completely exclude from your diet, or at least to reduce their consumption:

  • Salt and salted products. Salt retains fluid in the body that affect weight loss;
  • Baking and flour products. This is a fast carbohydrate in pure form. People with slow metabolism, these products turn into fat;
  • Sugar: sweets, pastries, chocolate, syrups, jams, etc;
  • Grilled, baked and smoked dishes. The rejection of these dishes, mainly because of the need to establish a functioning of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • Fast food: hamburgers, sandwiches, soda, potato chips, crackers, sauces;
  • Alcohol and cigarettes .

Menu for the week: diet for weight loss belly and sides for women

Diet work, you must comply with its fundamental principles, to expand his diet allowed foods avoid foods not recommended for consumption during the diet. We have compiled for you the approximate dietary menu, which is convenient for use, without thinking about what to cook today.

proper diet for weight loss
Breakfast Second Breakfast Lunch Afternoon tea Dinner
Monday Oatmeal on the water and an Apple or green tea. Orange or Apple. Fish for a couple and a part of the rice, the salad. Part of the dried fruit and nuts with green tea. Salad with vegetables and beans for a couple. Or low fat cottage cheese.
Tuesday 1 boiled egg and 2 bread. 1 Apple. Chicken on the mdp and part of the buckwheat. The Bulgarian pepper. A glass of nonfat yogurt. Cooked beef and fresh vegetables.
Environment Low fat yogurt 200 ml., 1 orange. 1 banana. Vegetable soup with lean chicken, salad of tomatoes and cucumbers. 1 Apple. 200 g of cooked rice without salt. A cup of yogurt.
Thursday Low fat cottage cheese a 100 g Apple. Grapefruit, or other favorite fruit. Low fat, baked fish, steamed vegetables. Dried fruit with green tea. Salad and jacket potatoes.
Friday 1 boiled egg, a Cup of yogurt. A granola bar. Low-fat cream of mushroom soup. Low fat cottage cheese – 40 g. 1 Cup of yogurt. Cooked chicken fillet, fruit salad with orange.
Saturday Oatmeal on the water – 200 g. 1 Apple. Boiled beef — 200 g Buckwheat – 100 g Nuts and dried fruit. Cooked rice – 200 g, 1 Apple.
Sunday Barley porridge – 200 g, 1 banana. Grapefruit Salad from fresh vegetables, 150 g. Turkey steam. Low fat cottage cheese. 1 Cup of yogurt and an Apple .

Diet and exercise for stomach and sides

In order to achieve the most effective results from the diet, you need to back runs. Especially this rule applies to the belly and back of problem areas to remove excess weight. The opinion of the people, who have achieved excellent results, thanks to this diet,
say about the effectiveness of the following exercises:

1) Twisting;

2) Limit;

3) the Bike;

4) jump Rope;

If you think that these exercises are boring, or just can't bring himself to act, you can take advantage of much more fun ways that you will replace cardio exercise – active games. An excellent game for weight loss are: table tennis, volleyball, badminton, etc .

Diet for weight loss belly and sides for women in the menu for the week

exercise for weight loss

The problems associated with obesity acquire the characteristics of the pandemic. If you are currently overweight you are, then you are a lucky man. Tens of millions of earthlings will envy you, because you do not.

There are a number of techniques designed to achieve the desired harmony.

It is necessary to use a complex of measures:

But if it is not possible to use measures in the complex, remains a limitation in some products as a more effective way to lose weight. As for the fight with the belly is the most problematic areas, the need for harmonisation of the digestive system.

Diet menu for a week weight loss belly and sides

Animal protein should be up to three times a week. The protein contained in products of vegetable origin, which should be in your menu every day (but not to exceed 50 grams).

It is necessary not to forget to drink enough water. There should be small parts. Meat is allowed only in boiled or baked, the 1 dose must not exceed 200 grams.

Recipe diet for women

1. day. In the morning drink green tea, a glass of unsweetened juice. Snack: nuts. Lunch – brown rice, seasonal salad, unsweetened fruit 1. Dinner – beef with vegetables.

2. day. Half a grapefruit or an Apple. Snack: salad. Lunch – buckwheat, 2 tomatoes, tea. Dinner – lean meat, vegetable sauce.

3. day. Breakfast – porridge on the water. Lunch: 2 tangerines, a glass of mineral water. Lunch – a piece of meat, salad, tea. Dinner: yoghurt, 1 banana.

Then a recipe to repeat, starting from the first day.

Weekly menu diet Malysheva

Doctor Elena Malysheva pays much attention to diet and weight loss, because overweight cause for the occurrence of various diseases. Malyshev says that the correct path is all the time to stick to low-calorie food, they eat only the "allowed" foods.


Day 1

Breakfast: bowl of rice porridge, oatmeal, grapefruit.

Lunch: low fat cottage cheese, prunes (5 pieces), black tea.

Lunch: cooked chicken, salad, tea.

Snack: 0. 3 kg of raw vegetables.

Dinner: slice of cheese, an orange.

Day 2

Breakfast: the "Hercules" water, tea.

Lunch: salad, diabetic bread.

Lunch: salad, rice with chicken, tomato juice.

Snack: low-fat milk.

Dinner: boiled beef, tomato.

3. day

Breakfast: two boiled eggs, cucumber.

Lunch: 150 g of strawberries.

Lunch: soup or vegetable soup, boiled chicken.

Afternoon snack: roasted vegetables.

Dinner: baked apples.

Day 4

Breakfast: boiled meat, loaf 2 diabetic.

Lunch: 200 g of vegetables.

Lunch: vegetable soup, a piece of boiled fish and tea.

Snack: 6 walnuts.

Dinner: cottage cheese, skimmed milk.

Day 5

Breakfast: tea, scrambled eggs on to something.

Lunch: An Apple.

Lunch: boiled chicken, vegetable stew.

Snack: two unsweetened fruit.

Dinner: cottage cheese, yogurt.

Day 6

Breakfast: 1 diabetic bread, a piece of cheese.

Lunch: 1 potato, coleslaw.

Lunch: vegetable soup, boiled chicken, tomatoes, 2 diabetic bread.

Afternoon snack: 200 g seasonal salad.

Dinner: cooked cabbage, skimmed milk.

Day 7

Breakfast: a bowl of barley porridge, salad.

Lunch: 2 apples.

Lunch: steamed vegetables, a piece of boiled fish, 2 tangerines.

Snack: 2 baked Apple.

Dinner: boiled beef, 1 tomato, yogurt.

Menu hours for weight loss the sides and belly

Recipe for diet

* 8 hours – rice or oatmeal;

* 10 hours – Apple or orange;

* 12 hours – low fat cottage cheese;

* 14 hours, cooked beef, vegetable stews;

* 16 hours – a glass of yogurt;

* 18 hours – braised vegetables;

* 20 hours – 150 grams of dried fruit;

* 22 hours yogurt.

Simple diet for a week on yogurt for women

Yogurt is the main product. This is a tough diet.

menus for weight loss

Recipe menu

With yogurt, you can eat only 1 a low calorie food, such as vegetables, oatmeal.

Menus for weight loss in 7 days for lactating mothers

The restriction primarily based diet. For the care of a woman should not "run" your physique and strive for harmony.


Nursing mothers it is better to do unloading for 1 – 2 days per week, with milk, yogurt or nuts. Of course, in exchange for a slim figure will not happen immediately, it takes time.