Tasty cocktails

You can lose weight in different ways, diets and methods a huge number of for every taste, but good results can be achieved only with a holistic approach. It usually involves sports, body care, nutrition, vitamins. Almost everyone who uses the tools and assistants, for example, smoothies for weight loss. However, it can serve as the perfect complement, to download and decorate your way to a slim figure.


the use of chicory

Variety of cocktails

Not all weight loss smoothies that work in the same way. Each drink is its effect on the body. When choosing a recipe, you will need to consider, needs and goals. What suits one person does not always need another.

What are the cocktails on the action:

  1. Cleaning. Have a laxative effect, clear the intestines of deposits and all costs, normalize its work, the improvement of motor skills. Some types of cocktails at home have healing properties, will help cleanse the body, improve the gut flora.
  2. Accelerating the metabolism. These beverages are prepared on the basis of hot spices, warm up, and promotes weight loss.
  3. Energy. Drinks of this kind contain juices, honey, aloe Vera and other products that improve mood and activities. Are helpful to drink in the morning and before a workout.
  4. Diuretics. These drinks draw water from the body, reducing swelling and pain. For the Foundation of the use of herbal infusions, green tea, hawthorn, cranberries, watermelon, tomatoes.

Diuretic cocktails, it is convenient to apply to people at home. But if you expect to travel to work or study, then the use of these drinks will not lead to some problems. In the hot season may be a problem with the burning of spices, which increase blood circulation and increase body temperature.


The advantages and disadvantages of cocktails

At home weight loss smoothies that are prepared rare, but it is now possible to buy in the shops, sports nutrition, sports clubs or centres, pharmacies, distributors. But not all purchased products are safe, not labour, and their price is often too high.

The advantages of homemade cocktails:

  • know the ingredients;
  • low cost;
  • security;
  • no chemicals, preservatives, dyes.

The advantages of smoothies for weight loss include low-calorie content. While they are well saturated, suppress hunger and give the body important minerals and vitamins. Weaknesses include the lack of certain ingredients. As a rule, buying drinks add different extracts, extracts and other substances of different origins that enhance the slimming effect.

General rules for cooking

All homemade weight loss smoothies, which are prepared shortly before use. There is no need to do them in advance as during storage of the nutrients to evaporate, even in the refrigerator in a tightly closed container.

The rules of cooking:

  1. All the ingredients for the drink should be fresh. There is no need for recycling of products of dubious quality.
  2. In meals for weight loss never add sugar. If you need to fix or improve the taste, use natural sweeteners: honey, dried fruits.
  3. It is important to pay attention to the quality of the spices. Cinnamon powder is a rare good, it is advisable to use the right stick. Pepper grind yourself.
  4. For the preparation of homemade protein drink for weight loss it is recommended to use dairy products with low fat content.
banana smoothie

Important! If an ingredient is not tolerated or simply not to your taste, it is better not to add to the drink, or select another recipe.


The best cocktail recipes

If fresh fruits and berries you can use frozen ingredients. It is important to know that after thawing, because it will be less. Sometimes water gets 30-40% of the weight, it all depends on the product. The number of sharp, burning spices can be adjusted to your liking. Special attention is paid to food allergens: honey, exotic fruits, herbs. If consumed often in large numbers, which provoke a reaction. All of the cocktails below the typical dishes are prepared with blender, food processor. Soft ingredients can be mashed with a fork or pestle to grate.

The cocktail for weight loss yogurt with cinnamon and ginger

Accelerate the digestion and metabolism, improves digestion of protein, normalizes metabolism, cleanses the body.

Fat-free yogurt – 250 ml
Cinnamon – 1 tsp.
Fresh grated ginger – 1 tsp.
Red pepper powder – 1 pinch

To connect chopped fresh ginger root with cinnamon and red pepper, add one tablespoon of yogurt, a thorough grind. Pour the remaining sour milk beverage and stir. Drink 1 portion at night or in the day, 20-30 minutes before meals.

For a clean cocktail with yogurt for weight loss

Cleanses the intestines, accelerates weight loss, helps in dealing with constipation.

Kefir, fresh – 200 ml
Prunes – 6 pieces
Dried apricots – 2 Piece.

Wash the dried fruit, pour hot water, leave for 30 minutes, then squeeze, then place in a blender or other utensils in which to prepare the drinks. Add fresh yogurt. It is important that the drink was not more than two days. Immerse the blender and grind dry fruits and blend the drink. Spending a day on an empty stomach, one hour before Breakfast for at least a week. If the laxative effect is strong, can reduce the number of prunes.

a cocktail of dried fruit

Protein shakes for weight loss with strawberries and flax seeds

Satisfies hunger, promotes the burning of fat and preservation of muscle mass.

Milk – 340 ml
Yoghurt – 120 ml
Flax seed – 1 tbsp
Strawberry – 100 g

To save the seeds, fill the container for grinding. Wash the strawberries, leave 2-3 strawberries for decoration, everything else is put in the flax. Grind in a blender. Pour the milk, add the natural yogurt, whisk until smooth. Previously postponed strawberries cut into half. Pour the cocktail for the weight loss, put the prepared strawberries.

The cocktail for weight loss with green apples and yogurt

Strengthens, gives energy, and helps burn fat, gives vitamins, and satisfies your hunger.

Celery – 2 stalks
Apple green – 1 PC.
Fresh yogurt – 400 ml

Wash the celery and Apple, cut into small pieces, add to the bowl of a blender. Grind the ingredients to obtain a puree. Immediately add the yogurt, whisk it all together for 20-30 seconds. To improve the taste and increase the efficiency of the cocktail for weight loss, you can add cinnamon, ginger.

Cocktail with green tea, orange and lemon for weight loss

Removes excess water from the body, accelerates metabolism, reduces volume, gives energy, invigorating.

Green tea – 5 tsp.
Orange – 1 PC.
Lemon – 0,5 pieces.
Honey – 2 tsp
Water – 0.5 l

Boil water, cool to 90°C, pour the green tea (it is better to take a large sheet welding), cover and leave for 10 minutes. Drain. Peel oranges, remove from the slices of all the bones, remove the film. Fold the puree in the bowl of a blender, then squeeze the juice from the lemon. Whisk together. Strain the tea, pour a warm drink, pulp, scroll again. Add honey, stir to dissolve. If the allergies you can use a sugar substitute. Drinking daily in the first half of the day in addition to meals.

fruit and vegetable cocktail

Vegetables cleanse and weight loss

Normalizes the chair supplies the body with fiber and vitamins, suppresses hunger.

Beet – 0,5 Piece.
Carrots – 0,5 Piece.
Green – 1 PC.
Yoghurt – 120 ml
Lemon juice – 1 tbsp

Clean the roots, cut into slices, chop the green. Put all of the food processor, grind into a puree. Add the yogurt, lemon juice, and whisk it all together. Drink every day after exercise or in place of, dinner or a snack.

Protein shake with greens and cottage cheese for weight loss

Suppresses the feeling of hunger, promotes weight loss, preserves lean muscle mass.

Soft low fat cottage cheese – 130 g
Green – 1 PC.
Parsley – 5 sprigs
Skimmed milk – 150 ml
Ginger, pepper, garlic to taste

Wash the greens and chop the celery, chop together in a blender. Add the cheese and whisk. Pour the milk, mix again. To taste put the fragrant and pungent spices. It is recommended to drink the cocktail immediately after sports training or active physical work.