Menus for weight loss in 7 days

Understanding of the importance of power system during weight loss, I want to share with you information about sample menu for weight loss, and thus define that this menu is for those who are only at the beginning of the path to a healthy lifestyle.

meals for the week for weight loss

This menu for a week will help you learn how to eliminate from your daily diet foods that contain bad carbohydrates, which will improve the functioning of the pancreas, normalizes the level of blood sugar and insulin and will decrease your appetite.

Of course, depending on how many times you take foods day three or five. Weight loss is best the second option, because then there will be stagnation of bile, cramps in the stomach, a sharp drop of glucose in the blood, and, most importantly, slows down the metabolism, and, as a result of the weight gain. Portions of the main dishes must not be more than 250-300 grams at a time.

Menu for the 7 days for weight loss

On the first day of

  • During Breakfast: brown rice and baked fish, coffee or tea without sugar (for sweetness you can add stevia);
  • Snack: low fat yogurt and 100 grams of fruit;
  • During lunch: cooked chicken or fish, vegetables, salad, dressed with oil (olive or corn);
  • Snack: cottage cheese 100 grams;
  • During dinner: vegetable salad, baked fish, no sweet tea.

On the second day

  • During Breakfast: low fat cottage cheese with berries (blueberries, bilberries, raspberries, currants) and with a dollop of yogurt, wrapped in a blender:
  • Snack: 5-7 almonds nuts;
  • During lunch: boiled fish with green beans, dressed with a small amount of low fat sauces;
  • Snack: dimidium-grapefruit, cheese 100 grams;
  • During dinner: shrimp 200 g with the lemon juice and a small amount of broccoli. Tea without sugar.

On the third day

  • During Breakfast: lightly fried vegetables, which is filled with a mixture of beaten eggs, sea salt and herbs, tea without sugar or coffee;
  • Snack: wholegrain crackers 30-40 grams, low fat yogurt 100 grams;
  • During lunch: soup with broccoli and potatoes, without milk buckwheat with no added oils and vegetable salad;
  • Snack: 200 grams of yogurt 1%;
  • During dinner: stewed red beans with a sauce made of peppers and tomatoes, not sweet tea.
meals for a week recipes for weight loss

On the fourth day

  • During Breakfast: vegetable salad with cooked tuna, bread, tea or coffee;
  • Snack: pear, yogurt;
  • During lunch: scrambled eggs, vegetables, salad, piece of whole grain bread;
  • Snack: dimidium-grapefruit, yogurt;
  • During dinner: low fat cottage cheese 200 grams with a tablespoon of yogurt and one baked cinnamon Apple.

On the fifth day

  • During Breakfast: 2 slices of bran bread, toasted, with avocado slices, sea salt and spices, and unsweetened coffee or tea;
  • Snack: yogurt, 100 grams of unsweetened fruit;
  • During lunch: porridge of wheat or barley grains with the addition of all the herbs and a small amount of oil, a vegetable soup;
  • Snack: one Apple, yogurt;
  • During the dinner portion of seafood with vegetables, salad or a small amount of stewed vegetables (without potatoes).

On the sixth day

  • During the Breakfast: two eggs, cooked to five minutes, steam the broccoli and beans, coffee or tea;
  • Snack: one banana, 100 grams of cottage cheese;
  • During lunch: buckwheat porridge, vegetable salad, chicken breast;
  • Snack: yogurt or kefir;
  • During dinner: beef or Turkey for a couple of courgettes, French beans or cabbage, seasoned with herbs and sea salt, cooked and also steamed tea.

On the seventh day

  • During Breakfast: oatmeal on the water, the omelet of 3 eggs, 40 grams of bread, tea or coffee is not sweet;
  • Snack: 30 grams of any nuts (except peanuts);
  • During lunch: soup without the potatoes in the soup, the meat, cook the broccoli;
  • Snack: yogurt or yoghurt;
  • During dinner: veal cooked in a grill with vegetables (bell peppers, red onions, carrots, tomatoes and herbs).
meals for the week for weight loss allowed foods

And don't forget, that it is very important during the day to drink at least two liters of plain water, then a menu for the week for weight loss will help you lose weight and develop the correct eating habits. Please note — this is a rough menu for weight loss, based on it, you can make your own food.

Bon appetit and stay healthy!