Healthy diet for weight loss menu for each day

A healthy diet does not mean expensive. Everyone can afford the proper menu item for each day. For weight loss, you need to follow the simple advice and to provide a balanced menu each day. Follow the recommendations, and your figure is slim and you feel healthy and energetic person.

recommendations for weight loss

Basic recommendations for weight loss

  1. Eat average portions 4-5 times a day.
  2. Before meals, need to drink 1 glass of water. The norm of the day 1-2 litres depending on the activity in the day. Drink pure water during the meal or within 1 hour after a meal – no, this is bad for the digestive system.
  3. Healthy food means tasty and varied. Use a variety of spices, recipes, and experiment with different dishes every day.
  4. For weight loss try to eat 2-4 hours before bedtime, 1 hour before you can drink 1 glass of kefir.
  5. Carbs the whole week, try to eat in the morning, and in the second half to give the advantage of a food protein, food rich in protein foods of animal origin.
  6. Decorate give priority to complex carbohydrates (rice, buckwheat, oats, durum pasta, wholemeal bread, etc..)
  7. Avoid cakes, sweets, chocolates, sugary sodas. Foods that contain sugar and simple carbs you eat each day and allow myself 1 hour a week at most.
  8. Remove it from the menu for weight loss oily and junk food. Mayonnaise, cheese, dairy products, meat, margarine, butter etc, Replace the fatty foods – low fat. Salads fill not with mayonnaise, and vegetables, olive oil or other.
  9. Also in your menu for each day of vegetables and fruit. In vegetables, plenty of fiber and vitamins, which are beneficial for our body. The food should be balanced. A day to eat 1-2 fruits and vegetables in unlimited quantities.

Menu for a week for getting rid of extra pounds

If you want to lose weight, you need to know that the body receive all the necessary nutrients, protein, fats, carbohydrates and vitamins. Below are the menus for the week with a minimal amount of calories. You will need to study and replenish the dishes that you like, but remember – the food should be varied and tasty every day. Safely to reduce weight by 0.5-1 kg per week. Per month 2-4 kg. If you try to throw more extra pounds, then they will come back and even more than the fall. So don't rush, and take care of your health. Do the math yourself for 3 months, sticking to a proper diet, you can lose from 6 to 12 kg and is a very good result. If the weight goes too slowly, you will get 200 calories from the diet and see improvement, the number of meals should be 4-5 times per day, reduce the meals is not necessary. An additional plus is, if you add 3 times a week of exercise, preferably cardio (stationary bike, treadmill, elliptical trainer, fitness, swimming, etc). Then you will lose weight and improve elasticity and tone your muscles.

Healthy meals for one week, as follows:

Monday (the first day)

  1. Breakfast – oatmeal with sliced fruit, yogurt 0,5 fat, green tea without sugar.
  2. Snack – cottage cheese and 0.5% low fat sour cream 5%
  3. Lunch – Soup with herbs, chicken fillet, compote.
  4. Afternoon snack – Handful of nuts.
  5. Dinner – Baked fish, salad from fresh vegetables, tea with lemon.


  1. Breakfast – oatmeal, cheese, 5% fat, some of the wafer, a glass of milk of 0.5%.
  2. Snack – 1 Apple, 1 orange.
  3. Lunch – chicken Soup, sliced vegetables (cucumbers, tomatoes), fruits, vegetables, or fruit.
  4. Afternoon snack – fruit, salad and yoghurt 0,5%.
  5. Dinner – Mushroom soup with stewed vegetables and herbs, green tea with lemon without sugar.

Environment (menu, third day)

  1. Breakfast – Rice porridge milk with 0,5% fat, oatmeal cookies with cocoa.
  2. Snack – an Apple, fresh or baked.
  3. Lunch – Pasta from durum with fish fillet of Pollock, cut, vegetables, tea.
  4. Afternoon snack – 1-2 pieces of fruit (bananas, grapefruit).
  5. Dinner – Salad with greens, boiled fish, tea with lemon.


  1. Breakfast – Omelette of 2-3 eggs, oatmeal, biscuits with milk or 0.5% of cocoa.
  2. Snack – 1 banana.
  3. Lunch – Barley porridge with lean meat, steam vegetables, vegetables, juice.
  4. Snack – Yogurt 0.5% and 1 favorite fruit.
  5. Dinner – Stewed cabbage with fish fillet, salad of fresh vegetables and herbs, green tea with lemon.


  1. Breakfast – low-fat pork, a slice of cheese, 5%, changes by 5%, tea with lemon.
  2. Snack – an Apple or a banana.
  3. Lunch – Baked chicken with sauerkraut, vegetable juices.
  4. Afternoon tea – Fruit salad with yogurt to 0.5%.
  5. Dinner – steamed Fish, vegetables, salad, compote.
a healthy diet

Saturday (the sixth menu of the day)

  1. Breakfast – 2 boiled eggs, oatmeal with fruit, cocoa.
  2. Snack – 1 grapefruit or 2 kiwis.
  3. Lunch – Roast vegetables, a few pieces of cheese 5%, fish fillets, tea.
  4. Snack – cottage cheese with sour cream (not fat food).
  5. Dinner


A healthy diet should be varied and easy. Treat yourself on this day, eat 5 times a day, but the fact that you like the most in moderation.

Menu for weight loss suitable almost for all, who have allergies or personal animosity, to the listed products and dishes above. In a few weeks you will not recognize yourself in the mirror, will drop 1-2 kg and go forward, removing the extra pounds. Always remember, to lose weight, to be treated with intelligence and without fanaticism.

Additional recommendations for weight loss

  • Do not eat before bedtime. A for weight loss not eating after 6pm is absolutely nothing, and this is a mistake. You need to eat 4 hours before bedtime. If you go on 12 hours per night, therefore it is smart to have a dinner at 8 PM. If you will be on 6-8 hours of sleep hungry is bad for your metabolism, overall health, as you have, I cheerfully wake up and be energized for the whole day. There is also the risk that long-term hunger, you will not be able to sleep and be nocturnal adventures on the fridge. And, as you know, weight loss – night trip, it is necessary to refuse. So, don't forget this recommendation.
  • Discard unhealthy fats and eat foods with healthy fats. For weight loss in your menu should be present on healthy fats, it is recommended that 0.5 g of fat per 1 kg of your body. If your weight is 60 kg, then 30 kg of fat per day. But if your goal is to lose about 10 kg, we count all of the calories, fat, protein, carbohydrates on your weight. So, if you want to be 50 kg, we expect to have 0.5 g of fat per 50 kg will receive 25 grams of fat per day. I hope you are not confused.