How to lose weight without dieting: effective ways and tips

Overweight is considered to be one of the major challenges of the twenty-first century. Non-standard and hazardous genetically modified foods, bad ecology, constant stress and sedentary lifestyle of modern man — all these components lead to excess weight, and in some cases to large obesity.

how to lose weight without dieting

There is a misconception that the diet can quickly solve all of the problems. In fact, even the most healthy diet may have the opposite effect and reduce your precious health and dropped pounds to escape velocity will return to its best places.

But the effort will not be in vain, the prize will be a beautiful picture, received safe manner. So, you want to know how to lose weight without dieting?

If the answer is Yes, then read on and you'll learn everything.

Restful sleep

Healthy and long-lasting sleep — the key to weight loss. Throughout the day our body consumes a lot of energy.

For complete rest and recovery the body a person must sleep at least 6 hours per day. Lack of sleep, lack of energy, which is a compensation for a meal that threatens to overeating.

Water use

For excess weight prone people, moving a little, that is, lead a passive way of life and almost do not drink water. Few people know that the reduction in water balance in the body by 5% leads to the formation of the disease, 10% — deterioration of the kidney and heart, 20% water, it cannot survive.

On the day adult drink up to 3 liters of clean water. For weight loss suitable also mineral water, which contains Mg. This element is necessary for strengthening the heart and the circulatory system.

Regular consumption of water, which helps to correct the bowel.

A number of rules for the use of water for weight loss

Morning should start with two glasses of pure warm water. Drink water slowly, in small SIPS. Those who are very difficult to drink this amount, you can start taking water from the same glass. For maintaining the cardiovascular system and blood pressure is recommended with water, take one teaspoon of natural honey.

People who have no problems with the digestive system, you can add water, lemon juice, but very carefully and in small doses. Lemon juice promotes rapid bowel cleansing.

30 minutes before the meal is recommended to drink 1 glass of water, this process will reduce the appetite and the portion eaten will be reduced by half. Rinse the food is strictly forbidden, as its absorption is greatly reduced.

After a snack you can drink water only after 30 — 40 minutes. Before going to bed try to drink 1 glass of water, it is very good for the heart and intestines.

People who regularly perform these simple rules, for 2 weeks to lose weight 2 to 4 pounds.

Massage for fast weight loss

Many do not know that they are now kind of massage speeds up the lymphatic flow in the body, metabolism, and therefore more quickly get rid of the extra pounds.

Such properties are not tame, namely, massage apparatus, and R-Soft. Due to the deep tissue, which is impossible, no matter how professional the therapist has never worked with you without the appliances, and to achieve the desired effect.

Due to inactive lifestyle or lack of time for exercise, our body with the assistance necessary for all vital processes that take place in the right rhythm. Then the tissue starts to receive the necessary amount of nutrients that exceed the stagnant fluid, which also adds a few extra inches.

Find the er-slick is now possible in many beauty salons, the massage. And the most important and helpful unlike most other, will be his total hygiene thanks to the special suit that covers the entire body except head, legs and arms. Even the cleanliness you can't be sure how much bacteria and germs that are hiding in the hands of the masseur, the couch, etc On the non-observance of sanitary norms, there is a risk to become infected with the fungus, scabies and other nasty diseases. When you visit the er-slick, this option is reduced to almost nothing.

How much and how to eat to not be hungry

There is a required meal should be regular. For those who want to finally stabilise your weight, you need during the day to eat regularly, but snacks needs to be small.

For the determination necessary for a person to work, you need to lay your hands palms up. The amount of food that they will fit and will be the norm, which is necessary for life. A lot of people make a big mistake is overeating and fast eating. From the table it is important to be slightly hungry, because the feeling of satiety will come to you only after 10 — 15 minutes after ingestion.

diet on the water

It is strictly forbidden to view the TV and eat at the same time, because at the moment all the attention is focused not on food, but on the picture and grazing, is guaranteed. To avoid stomach problems, the food should be very thoroughly chewed.

People who are accustomed to eating large portions and stretched your stomach, you must reduce the size of the plate 2 times. In a small plate lot of not fit and will remain the stock in 100 — 300 calories. The first days the organism will fight back, signaling a permanent feeling of hunger.

For this part of the food can be divided in 2 instalments. A week later the stomach will shrink to normal size and the hunger will disappear.

Calorie counter, or how to eat without gaining weight

There is a way by which it is possible to accurately calculate the required amount of calories that eat people, depending on lifestyle, body weight and age.

The calculation can be carried out independently, or use the calculator from the Internet.

The calculation of the daily calorie intake that is allowed for those who want really wants to lose weight:

  1. The man's height, multiply by 1.8.
  2. Weight multiplied by 9.6.
  3. Age multiplied by 4.7.
  4. Figure 655 should be added to the result obtained in the calculations from the first and second paragraph.
  5. From the result subtract the result of the third paragraph.

The total result must be multiplied by physical activity:

  • 1,2 – if physical activity is low;
  • 1,38 – exercise 1-3 times per week;
  • 1,55 – exercising 3-5 times per week;
  • 1,73 – with active exercises.

On the Internet you will need to download the table of caloric content of products, can help the proper diet diet.

It is important to follow the rule: for the normal functioning of your body's food necessarily and without exception must be present carbohydrates, proteins and fats and vitamins. People who are addicted to low content of fat and protein in the diet cause irreparable damage to your body.

For weight loss and weight normalization is strictly prohibited to consume sweet drinks, replace with water, juice, compote or fresh juices. You can't eat French fries, hamburgers, pizza, sweet pastries, flour, as all of these "Goodies" threat to the slender body, because it contains fast carbs, and a great amount of fat.

Eating harmful food immediately appears to increase the waist and hip.

All greasy and high-calorie food should be replaced with vegetables, boiled or stewed meat-chicken, beef, fish. In the diet should regularly include useful nuts and fruits.

Don't forget — the last daily meal should be 3 hours before bedtime and forget all of the food after 18:00.

Natural remedies for body cleansing

  1. Over time, the body, any person, who requires General cleaning and must start with the bowel. Flax seeds rightfully occupy the leading place among the natural tools that can be used for cleaning. The main ingredient of this medicine tissue, seeds are rich in fatty acids (omega 3, omega 6 and omega 9), lecithin, hormones of vegetable origin and significance of vitamin F, E, A. The effect of flax seed is unique, along with the cleaning comes in a special process, normalizes hormonal balance. Often seeds take on an empty stomach, 1-2 tablespoons of seeds washed down with copious amounts of warm water. Within the body of the seed, which will swell and will clean the intestinal wall.
  2. Body cleansing oatmeal — a fairly simple and affordable way. There are several methods for cleaning. In the first case, boil a few tablespoons of oatmeal finely ground, spent 2 hours before the main meal. The other way is "cold peeling" more robust. Night a few tablespoons filled with water or cream 2 — 3 tablespoons 1 — 2 tablespoons of liquid. 10 minutes before receiving the "scrub" drink a glass of water, after which the pulp is eaten. For food and water, is allowed not earlier than in three hours after cleaning.
  3. Salad "brush" must be present in the diet. This product is prepared from a mixture of fresh vegetables. This vitamin bomb not only perfectly cleanses the intestines, but also enriches the body with vitamins. Due to the very low calorie this salad can be consumed in any quantity. For its preparation we often use carrots, cabbage, beet, radish, pumpkin.

Exercise based weight loss

weight loss massage

Physical activities are necessary for our body. Problems with excessive body weight often affects people who lead a sedentary lifestyle.

TV and the Internet, was replaced by the modern man has an active lifestyle and communion with nature. For weight normalization should be held not less than 10 000 steps.

For the count of leads in a day of distance are meters, the compact bracelets, dressed in hand.After a meal, it is recommended that a bit of Hiking – promote digestion. Any exercise is beneficial for the body, the muscles and the cardiovascular system.

The person who sits in front of the TV more than three hours per day of atrophy in the back muscles. To avoid this, in the commercial breaks, it is recommended to perform a series of simple exercises.

Every day training is needed. For those who do not have the opportunity to visit gyms and fitness section, there is a set of exercises that you can perform at home by yourself.

Squats will help tighten the muscles of the legs and buttocks exercises with weights will strengthen the muscles in the hands, if not dumbbells, you can take plastic water bottles or other weights.

A sagging belly is removed with the help of exercises for the media. For paging, use the upper abdominals exercises with the raising of the torso at the bottom of the best fit complex with the elevation of legs, exercise is the scissors.

The Plank is a versatile exercise that work all the muscles of the torso.

All exercises are done in 3 to 4 sets of 10 — 15 times. To get a result, the instruction must be systematic.

The bike is the best assistant for weight loss. Cycling day for the development of endurance, and helps to reduce the quantity and weight, and is considered the best cardio training.

A light jog is as useful as riding a bike.

Being overweight is not a sentence.

Self-organization and motivation are two of the primary engine to achieve the goal.

If it is correct, and most importantly, to systematically fulfill all the rules above, a good result will not keep itself waiting long.