Home fitness for weight loss: exercise and recommendations

Sport not only improves your physique and help tone the muscles of the body, but also to lift the mood, improve the hormonal balance. Physical activity also helps to relieve stress, get rid of negative emotions and aggression. Therefore, sport is not just a whim or pastime, but a necessary lesson for those who want to stay longer, not only slim and fit, but also healthy, with movable joints, supple ligaments, and muscles.

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However, not everyone has the opportunity to train in the gym or with a personal trainer. But this is not a reason to abandon the sport in General. This can be done at home in a comfortable environment and a pleasant atmosphere. You will also have the opportunity to select a suitable class time.

Some believe that effective training is possible only in the gym but this is not so. The main thing is to set a goal and go for it no matter what. Home fitness for weight loss can be significantly more effective than in the gym, if you are using the right techniques and exercises.

Effective exercises

If not at home, don't have a lot of different devices and equipment. You may need dumbbells, jump rope, horizontal bar. But, if you wish, it is possible to do without them.

To lose weight and give your muscles a nice relief, you need to perform a bunch of exercises on each group. It is important to complicate or change (at least every few weeks), so your body won't used for the same load, otherwise it will simply cease to respond to it. Also the exercises should be done at least 3 sets. Here are some examples of the most effective and useful:

  • Low squats. Run as far as you sitting on a low chair. The pelvis goes back, knees forward will not be issued. Done 3 groups of 15 times.
  • Pushups. These exercises are very many options, but in the first stage will only fit two: wide and narrow design of the hands. For the implementation of each of them should be in 3 groups of 5 – 10 times. These are the exercises that you made up, depending on your training.
  • The boat is lying on his stomach on the floor. The rise of both hands and feet. To the sense of tension in the back. Perform 3 groups of 10-fold.
  • Also essential exercises for the abs: twisting, leg lifts, etc, Each need to do 3 sets of at least 15-fold.

After exercise you need to stretch. If you want to do this, simply lie on your back. Then pull out at the same time as possible, hands up and feet down. It is important, that does not make big breaks between sets, the optimum is of course to 30 – 40 seconds. Catch my breath after the completion of the implementation in its entirety. Also during the training in the home must drink water, just a little, just a few SIPS every 10 min.

An important condition for weight loss are cardio exercises: running, jumping rope, climbing stairs, etc., can be performed at home, in the entrance or in the middle of the Park. Such exercises, not just a quick weight reduction, but also useful for diseases of the heart and the circulatory system, diseases of the respiratory system and the immune system. Ideally, this part of the lesson should last at least 40 min.

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A few words on nutrition

One of the main factors that directly affect the process of weight loss is, of course, food. If the wrong way of weight not only will not decrease it will increase. So you have to carefully watch what and when you eat. Otherwise, home fitness, weight loss will not bring the desired result, even if you used to exercise several hours per day.

For some, the concept of proper nutrition is due to the hunger strike and the refusal of favorite foods. This is not entirely true. First, the main rule of weight loss is to not feel hungry. Authority in case of lack of food, detects a state of critical and stress and starts to store fat for the future to ensure their survival. It sounds paradoxical, but in order to lose weight, you need to systematically meals (at least 5 times a day), but in small quantities. This helps to speed up metabolism and weight loss without hunger stress.

For weight loss, you want to exclude from the diet completely:

  • flour,
  • sweet,
  • carbonated beverages
  • smoked food
  • fried.

This is something that has no benefits for your body and cause only damage.

Food should be steamed or in the oven, with a small amount of spices and low salt. Fruits and vegetables are possibly not exposed to heat-treating, and eat them raw. So they have kept all the necessary for your body vitamins and nutrients.

It is very important that the drinking regime. Without it, the process of weight loss, in any case, it is not perfect. You need to drink at least 1.5 – 2 litres of purified water per day. This should be done gradually, through the glass on the clock, if not used for this amount of liquid. Water should not be cold. Optimum temperature of the room.

Some tips

Home fitness for weight loss has many advantages, but it is not without shortcomings. You can work when you want and not depend on hours of work of the hall or the coach. You don't need to go anywhere in bad weather. If you want training there is always a chance to move to fresh air. You can select music that you like. There is no need to be ashamed, that someone is looking at you while performing any exercise. After the lesson, we can immediately go in the shower and didn't get home in a stuffy traffic.

However, there are some negative aspects. You don't have any obligations, such as pass and the other, therefore a lack of motivation or plain laziness of the classes can be put off for later, and eventually even disappear from the schedule. At home nobody control the correct execution of each exercise, if you do not have the relevant experience for this.

A few tips will help you not only to lose weight, but also practiced at home constantly. In particular, it is recommended that from the beginning of training, to find like-minded people among friends or family members. So it will be not only fun to do, but will also allow you to control each other and motivate.

a proper diet

If your goal is weight loss, you don't need to weigh every day. This should be done approximately once a week. The result is desirable to record, to observe the trend of weight changes. You also need to bring in a special notebook everything you eat. It is necessary to monitor all high-calorie and unhealthy foods that are "accidentally" fall in the diet. Because at home so the temptation to eat some forbidden! On the other hand, even if you strictly watch what you eat, some experts recommend once a week, to afford a little retreat from my diet. This will relieve tension and increase motivation for weight loss. This withdrawal must be reasonable. The main thing to remember all of the important measure!