10 effective exercises for weight loss at home

Effective exercises for weight loss at home, which we will share with you, is not only a set of physical processes.

Regular repetition of these ten exercises and use a diet high in protein and limiting carbohydrates and fat, you will lose that weight, build muscle and become fitter and slimmer.

Rules of the exercises practiced at home are:

  • Start with fifteen to twenty repetitions of each practice and gradually increase their number. Use the extra weight only if regular classes will seem too easy.
  • No matter what you are surrounded by gleaming chrome machines and and free weights – it is possible to lose weight without expensive equipment. All that matters is how well the execution of the individual techniques, and with what frequency you are doing. As with many other things, the key to success is your motivation.
  • In class, try to put your phone on silent mode and turn off your tablet and laptop. It will be great if in the time of the study will not interfere with the children and the spouse.
  • Set a strict schedule and stick to it.
  • Consider purchasing a set of dumbbells. If still not possible, replace them with plastic bottles filled with water, sand or gravel.
  • exercise for weight loss at home
  • Keep two journals: exercise and weight loss. Mark them in progress. These records will help you to have a clear picture of your success, and in the days of crisis fatigue and will cheer. It has been proven that those who run this magazine, you will achieve success much sooner. Psychology is a delicate thing.
  • The classes are under the invigorating energetic music.
  • If for some reason you are not available so a wonderful way to get rid of excess weight, the bike and the pool, and every day walks will be a great addition to your program of physical education.

Power exercises, speed up metabolism and make it harder. They work not only during the workout: while the whole day after a workout, your body consumes a lot of calories in a strong pace!

10 simple effective exercises for weight loss

And now let's look at ten simple, effective exercises, which you can easily do at home, but to achieve results, not less than when training in the gym.


Be straight, placing your feet shoulder width apart. Bend your knees and stoop so low, as if we were sitting on a chair – thighs should be parallel to the floor. Knees should not protrude over your toes, keep your back straight and do not bend the shoulders. Return to starting position and repeat the process.


Put your hands on the floor, so that the palms are located under the shoulders. Torso and legs should form a single straight, palms face straight. Drop the chest into the space between the arms and the back. If you find it difficult to perform a full pushup, stand not on your toes and on the knees. On the contrary, if you want to complicate your task, place your feet on a bench or stairs.


Half-crouch and jump sideways, landing on the right foot. Without a pause, making the jump to the left. It is important that the movement of flowed into each other seamlessly, without any delays and breaks.

exercise for weight loss at home attacks


In the position for push-ups. Leaning on his right arm, the first bend in the left wrist, and then also on the right. It works similarly, return to starting position. In our next approach we change the side of the body, that stops when lowering and lifting. If the task seems too difficult, get on your knees.


Be straight and have your feet shoulder width apart. The hands on the body. That right leg a large step forward, lowering the left knee to the ground. The knees should be bent at a right angle. The right knee must not protrude over the toes! Back in the vertical stand and not lunge with the left leg.


Take the right leg in the right hand, comes back to the level of the head, looking straight forward. Tilt the body slightly forward. The left knee should be slightly bent. Keep the balance easier, fix the eyes on some object in front of him.

Hunting dog

How on all fours, hands placed directly under shoulders and knees under hips. Stretch the right arm and leg and stand, leaning on them. Try not to bend back! Return to starting position and do the stand on the left side of the body.

Side stand

Lie on your right side, elbow placed under the shoulder. Lift the hips, leaning your body weight on the forearm. Stand for three seconds, return to floor and repeat the process.

Oblique bridge

exercise for weight loss at home oblique bridge

Lie on your back, hands placed along the body. Bend your knees, but not torn off from the ground leg. Keeping your back straight, lift the hips, so that from the shoulders to the knees is one unbroken straight line. Hold this position for three accounts and go back to the ground.

Fly Superman

Lie on your belly and stretch forward both hands (if we fly). Raised above the floor of the legs and upper body, keeping the head straight. In this position for three seconds and repeat the exercise.

If after the session you feel exhausted, then you are all done correctly. These effective exercises for weight loss — a radical tool in the fight against excess fat, unkempt scopes and cellulite!