What we will be measuring the result of weight loss?

Understand what's going on? To not have depression, the fact that there is no fear of food, which has significantly raised their self-confidence, but not the result.

Quite a few pounds, she has lost for a month, two...

To lose weight, for any price!?


And sometimes vice versa. Woman drinking diuretics, laxatives, sitting on the buckwheat, which is not even cooking and eating only cooked in water.

She is pale, she barely drags his feet. But the scale for two weeks, dropped as much as 4 kg.

The result? In my opinion, no, even more than that, it is significantly worse than nothing. But many disagree with me and even envy her. Wow, four pounds in two weeks! What is the effect, what will be the super power!

And then the question is, what should measure the result of weight loss? And what the result should be considered good and which are bad?

Weight loss. The success criteria. The real and imaginary

Traditionally, the results of weight loss were measured and continue to measure only in kilograms and inches. Take any ad – "provide the results of 8 pounds in a month!", "You will lose weight, at least 6 pounds in two weeks!", "You will lose pounds and inches quantity one for the other!".

In conversations with friends they know, that someone lost 20 pounds, we were shocked with the results, we explain the method by which he managed to do this, and is ready tomorrow to apply it to yourself. If we have learned that there is loss of body weight amounted to 6 or 8 kg, they say, "Yeah, well, but, you see, not thirty, and not even 20". And quite frivolous, we think, weight loss of 1-2 pounds per month.

History of weight loss Natasha

Pounds and inches, the rest does not interest us. But the dropped weight does not always give us what we expect from them.

Here is the story of one of my patients. So, Natasha M., 18 years old, 178 centimeters in height, 102 kg weight. High, full and in the fullness of his slender and beautiful girl. The first thing is, weight loss is was very good. Month for three or four Natasha dropped 20 pounds and came close to the mark of 80 kg. Then the weight loss stalled, and about a month ago we marked time pounds here and there.

And when it is in my office before the mirror, critically examining her figure and said sadly: "What a hundred, eighty. The same thing!". This is it!! Hoping with weight loss to solve their own problems and the solutions, of course Natasha was desperate.

I think, and the slower decline in weight in the last month of our studies was due to this. After all, if nothing changes for the better (one hundred, eighty!), what is the point to keep an eye on diet, exercise, limit sweets, and so on?

This was 12 years ago. And then I, like most of my patients, the most important criterion of the effect was seen in the amount of weight loss. But in this case, it might be one of the first to me is this question approach.

If your main pounds, why Natasha is not looking forward to? So, that the mere weight is not the most important thing!

My patient then had a few weeks to understand what actually is waiting for Natasha's weight loss and you can't?

It turned out that the main problem of my patients in feeling ugly, or as the psychologist would say, low self-esteem. Perhaps the reason for this was the noticeable birthmark on her face, perhaps, as is often the case, fully developed later as a reaction to overeating, when food is necessary for the comfort and "cure" feelings about their appearance?

So it was that by restricting your diet and even losing weight, my patient, however, could not get rid of reduce hate relationship. Therefore, depression, and slows down weight loss, and the threat of imminent collapse.

Now that the cause has been found, we focus on repairing self-evaluation. Usually we are all a little underrated. All of us missing awareness of their features, uniqueness, no sense of his natural life, of one's own body.

Of course, Natasha was no exception. It seemed to her that she is ugly, but what it REALLY is, not knowing. I will not bore the reader with the complexity of the psychological work. Of course, not always it turns out to be so easy and successful, but in the case of Natasha went well, her attitude was fast enough to change for the better. And this immediately affected by the results of weight loss. Next month Natasha, especially not dwell on it for five pounds.

Don't forget: why we lose weight, really?


Really, we don't lose weight to be thin and not just weigh less than I do now. We hope to lose weight, to gain a new quality, to achieve a state of harmony and happiness. But these feelings depend not only on the pounds. And so, to measure the result of only weight, who consider that greater weight is gone, the better, and most importantly, to build on our tactics, weight loss is in fact wrong. And here's why...

Weight loss. Common sense and a complete lack of

Such tactics are dangerous to health, because it encourages people to stick to too rigid a diet and torture yourself exercise. This leads to the use of exposure, all based on losing weight, do not have, but on account of the discharge, leading to some short-term weight reduction. People sit in the sauna, exercise in warm clothing, try to cause more sweating, use of diuretics and laxatives, just to see the number on the scales less than the day before.

But hunger dangerous reduction of immunity and, as a minimum, the development of colds and the formation of stones in the gallbladder, the development or exacerbation of gastritis and gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer. The use of enemas and laxatives can lead to the development of atonic or spastic colitis.

This tactic dramatically increases the likelihood of failure and early termination of the work. Since it is directly related to the DETERIORATION of the QUALITY of LIFE. Hunger, lack of water, extreme fatigue from the grueling workout! The majority of people can not endure every day. As soon as it is discontinued, weight loss, all the pain and suffering lose their meaning, and the condition becomes unbearable. However, after the collapse of the frequently observed overeating and uncontrollable weight gain to the original, and even up to the higher level. The tactics of the "weight at any cost" often becomes the cause for another round of increase in weight.

In this traditional approach, listening to all kinds of advertising about 10-15 pounds per month, we do not agree on the methodology, which in our opinion, the small impact of, say, 2-3 pounds per month. Even if this result can be obtained without much trouble, and promises to be persistent.

Finally, the most important thing. Tactics "weight for any price", which is contrary to modern ideas about the nature of the overweight and the ways to solve this problem. Most scientists currently consider as the main reasons for extra pounds is not only "over-nutrition" or "wrong eating behavior" and a sort of imbalance between nutrition and physical activity, and/or some increase in the role of food as a factor that protects against the anxiety that brings joy and fun.

The basic principle of weight loss


With this vision problem the basic principle of weight loss is complex and most importantly, caution – moderate dietary restriction in combination with toning exercises, plus some exposure to help to stay clear, positive mood – improved sleep, walk, massage, a nice bath or shower. If you want to create a positive mood, feeling of inclusion, for a more clear understanding of the subject, very often you want to work with a psychologist or therapist. And, if this work is successful, the process of weight loss much easier. Agree, a good mood, so it is necessary for the successful weight loss is very difficult, if the person torturing yourself with hunger, sports, and even taking laxatives.

And here we must agree that the good result is the result obtained without the psycho-emotional and physical from the discomforts. And another question, how many of you dropped the pounds. Really, while you use only those impacts that by themselves give some benefits. I have no doubt that the result will be steadfastly maintained. After all, he does not get in the fight, and in unity with itself, obtained through the permanent change of lifestyle, leading to obesity, a new, more energy and more gentle to yourself. This way of life is more likely to lead to keeping weight off or further decline.

By the way, it is not necessary to consider a combination of tactics to compromise. As a, diuretic and buckwheat, even at your own detriment and not for long, you can lose a lot of pounds. And through this our self-love and gentle attitude a little. I do not agree! I happened to see when you apply this tactics and and 5 and 7 pounds per month! And very often.

And one last thought. If the increase in self-esteem, self-confidence, burst of energy and creative power, sense of control over the situation, the feeling of freedom from diet and restriction that you managed that without any change in the weight is also an excellent result. Although in the light of all weight loss traditions, is equal to zero.

Another story of weight loss

Here is the story weight loss another one of my patients. In spite of their normal weight (58 kg and a height of a metre seventy) Tonya struggled trying to lose weight. To feel completely satisfied, to hurt the 2-3 pounds, that is good, that I did not manage to lose". But it succeeded, but only through very strict diet and daily workout at the gym. But it was enough to relax a little, the weight came back and threatened to go higher. When Tonya asked for help, her life was a continuous "sitting" on a diet with very few interruptions (birthdays, holidays), for which these poor 2-3 pounds gain back. Fear before him, before his, as it seemed, uncontrollable appetite, fear of the future, in which she saw herself definitely fat and ugly. My main task in this case was to break this vicious circle of" sitting still" on a diet, some weight loss, a failure, occurs weight.

I offered to Tone first, learn how NOT to get FAT. Right, that makes sense to follow the diet and to suffer, if he still can't keep score? Tones is to make sure for the maintenance of weight loss does not need prohibition. All that is required is to slightly reduce the content in food fats and sweets, eating often, and mutatis mutandis, refer to the conscience. Instead of grueling workouts, a lot better help walks, invigorating exercise and a healthy walk. And instead of hatred, and the constant battle with yourself, it is better to treat yourself gently, lovingly, and stay in a positive mood.

A month later, my patient said to me: "you Know, doctor, I decided to not torment – 58 kilograms with my height – perfect weight. And now I know how to maintain it, especially without straining and without suffering. Thank you!". Believe me, I was very pleased with the result.