You want to lose weight fast? Drink kefir for weight loss

One of the best products for weight loss, not without reason, is considered, kefir: kefir diet, there are many, and all of them, if you follow it correctly, you can bring health a lot of benefits.

Why kefir lose weight?

Why yogurt is so effectively helps get rid of excess weight?

Live bacteria – probiotics, which form the healthy flora our intestines are contained in yoghurt in large quantities. In our time, a healthy and nutritious intestinal flora is rare, and it is not surprising that most people digestive tract is full of toxins, toxins, excess fluid, and fecal stones. All of these "roles" are often a large part of the weight, nor too full of people, which in the intestine can "store" 10-12 kg similar weight and regular intake of yogurt makes it quick and gentle cleaning. If you have chronic constipation, they are quick to leave, only yogurt you need to drink one-two days, and already it promotes weight loss.

From yogurt protein allow you to not feel hunger for quite a long time, that is, the kefir diet is not so difficult, "yes" - and even accelerate the fat burning process. The carbs in the yogurt a little – around 5% per 100 g of the product. And calcium, yogurt is also rich, prevents the accumulation of fatty deposits – or better, helps the body more quickly of waste calories, at least, that such a decision recently, American researchers.

Kefir can be easily introduced to any low calorie diet. For example, when we eat raw vegetables and fruits, you might be suffering from increased formation of gas in the gut, and probiotics for yogurt, these processes suppressed, and contribute to the rapid digestion of food.

Even if you without dieting, and just include yogurt in your diet as often as possible, the weight will tend to normal. A cup of yogurt with fresh fruit or berries can be full and healthy Breakfast, not only need to choose low fat so you get hungry faster and at lunch you want to eat something "substantial" - the effort will be wasted.

By the way, yogurt can be drunk at lunch, instead of dessert, sweet tea or coffee. Many of the women whose work is related with mental stress, the time the lunch break is rather than sweet. Drink a glass of yogurt with 1 tsp honey and 1/2 tsp of cinnamon – it's delicious. With the use of cinnamon can improve the metabolism to lower the level of glucose in the blood, slows down the process of digestion – it also helps to eat less than usual.

How to drink kefir for weight loss in the morning

The most common recommendation was to combine yogurt in the mornings with buckwheat, but you can eat more than 7-14 days. Otherwise, you can start a headache, feeling of weakness and fatigue.

How to drink kefir for weight loss in the morning

Breakfast buckwheat with yogurt allows you to avoid overeating and rids the body of many accumulated "blockade". Because the digestive tract begins to function, accelerate the metabolism and burning fat, it lowers the level of "bad" cholesterol, excess weight. In parallel, normalizes blood pressure, strengthens resilience, improves the condition of blood vessels and the heart. After about a week the result will be visible not only internal, but also external health will improve, weight will be reduced, you will move easier and more comfortably. Of course, during the day you should not eat greasy, salty, spicy dishes, soft cakes, sweets and meat, otherwise salt-free Breakfast is unlikely to help you lose weight.

To prepare such a Breakfast. The evening part of the buckwheat (3-4 tablespoons) to sort, wash, pour in a thermos with boiling water and leave until morning. In the morning pour a glass of yogurt and eat. Salt, butter, and sugar need not be added.

You can pour the buckwheat in the evening with yogurt. This would be about twice cereals. Leave a salt-free blend better in a cool room, covering with a lid. If you want to receive a dish, add a bit of herbs and raw materials starchy vegetables, such as cucumbers. After Breakfast to the next meal shall not be less than 4 hours.

Why yogurt combine it with the buckwheat? In this case, the addition of "two." In buckwheat a lot of tissues: the stomach digests it for a long time and running at this time, "it is silent." Carbohydrates in buckwheat a lot, too, and they are complex and slow: glucose enters the blood gradually, not irregular, and adipose tissue is not increased. Also buckwheat is very rich in vitamins and minerals, and in the process of losing weight, when the body does not have nutrients, it is very important.

You can also cook in the morning something like a kefir smoothie with fruit and berries. A cup of yogurt mixed in a blender with a 1/2 banana (pear, Apple, peach) and 100-150 grams of fruit – a great Breakfast.

Yogurt at night

Yogurt, drunk on the night, helping you to lose weight while you sleep, and also rejuvenating cells and tissues, thank you for the "work" of calcium and animal protein; in addition, you will fall asleep faster and will sleep better. At night do not drink fat yogurt, but nonfat is not an option. It is better to choose a product with a fat content of 1%, and eat slowly with a spoon, add a little roughage to clean up the plants.

However, the recipes are different.

For example, 200-250 ml of yogurt mixed with rosehip syrup or honey (1 tsp), 1/2 tsp cinnamon and 1 tbsp of all bran.

Yogurt night

Smoothie: 250 ml of kefir, to add 100-150 g of fiber melon and 1 tsp cinnamon.

Recipes with yogurt for weight loss

Here are some simple and cheap recipes for shakes and smoothies with yogurt, which helps to bring the weight back to normal. You can spend them for consumption – not more than 7 days, or just want to include in the menu from time to time.

Well help you to lose weight smoothies kefir-beet – something like a cold soup. Per litre of yoghurt – 500 g boiled beets, grated on a grater. You can also add a mixture of grated cucumber and dill (parsley, celery), and eat all throughout the day. Cucumbers with dill and as a Supplement in the form of a salad – of course, without oil and salt. For the week, you can "get away" 5 extra pounds.

You can prepare a smoothie not with beets and apples. Per litre of kefir – 7-8 medium sized apples 1.5-2 tsp of cinnamon. Beat in a blender. Options: there are not all day, but only for Breakfast and/or dinner.

Compote with cinnamon (1 tsp in 500 ml of yogurt), a pinch of ginger and hot pepper speeds up the metabolism and cleaning procedures – this helps to remove "fold" the stomach. You can drink it after Breakfast, of course, low-calorie or instead of dinner (or one hour after). Diseases of the digestive tract this cocktail should not drink.

Cocktail with fresh ginger (100 g in 500 ml), grated on a coarse grater, and honey (1 tablespoons), also a great substitute for dinner and allows you to strengthen the immune system.

To lose weight kefir easy, because it contains little calories, improves digestion and gives quick hungry. However, this useful product should be consumed in the average adult (excluding cases with diet), preferably on a day to drink not more than 2 cups of yogurt.