Meals for the week for weight loss: a detailed menu

Most diets are intended to reduce the amount of food consumption to a minimum, and some fasting days and not make us hungry. When you are finished with the diet and return to normal life, people start to notice that their incredible efforts have gone to pieces, and the weight of the again rushed up.

diet for weight loss

Fortunately, there are meal plans that help you to get rid of annoying pounds and not to gain new ones, while eating at least three times a day. There are clean, which do not help in combating fatty deposits. You can read more about this in the article "Magic weight loss products". Enter them in your diet, not only embarked on a path of proper nutrition, so a healthy body, but also the beginning of an effective fight against excess weight.

Offer food for a week for weight loss will not limit you in getting essential vitamins and nutrients.

An important role weight loss plays and consumed the liquid. First, we need to avoid the sugar, tea and coffee, soft drinks, and limit intake of juices. Prefer tea with mint and ginger. A detailed recipe can be found in the post "Drink for weight loss with mint (recipe)", "Ginger for weight loss: how to drink?".

Weekly menu for weight loss


Breakfast: low fat cottage cheese with berries or nuts, 2-3 thin slices of cheese, 1 egg, tea with ginger.

Snack: 10 peanuts, hazelnuts or almonds

Lunch: carrot soup with ginger, a piece of boiled meat, tea without sugar

Snack: grapefruit, Apple or orange (one fruit choice)

Dinner: salmon steak with green beans or broccoli, and unsweetened tea.


Breakfast: brown rice and baked fish, tea or coffee

Snack: fat free natural yoghurt and berries 5 dried apricots.

Lunch: boiled chicken, salad of tomatoes and cucumbers with olive oil

Snack: fruit (banana is contraindicated)

Dinner: seafood cocktail or boiled shrimp with mussels, seasoned with lemon juice, a drink for weight loss to choose from.


Breakfast: scrambled eggs 2 eggs, cooked mixed vegetables with spices, tea or coffee without sugar

Snack: low fat cottage cheese and 5 strawberries, plums

Lunch: buckwheat with a piece of boiled meat, tea

Snack: glass of nonfat yogurt and 5 nuts of choice

Dinner: mashed peas with a piece of doctoral sausage or eggplant salad with ginger (one meal choice)


Breakfast: low fat cottage cheese, a few slices of cheese and a doctoral sausage, coffee and tea

Snack: fruit of choice

Lunch: soup with sour or fresh cabbage, a piece of boiled fish

Snack: low fat yogurt or a Cup of yogurt

Dinner: zucchini squash with a piece of boiled meat, mint tea


Breakfast: scrambled eggs, a few slices of cheese, a drink for weight loss

Snack: smoothie of ginger or fat burning drink with ginger

Lunch: vegetable stew with ginger, a piece of sausage or meat, tea

Snack: nonfat yogurt with strawberries 5 dried apricots

Dinner: salad with canned tuna in its own juice and the corn tea


Breakfast: white beans, canned (1/2 jar) with a piece of cooked chicken, ginger tea

Snack: fruit of choice

Dinner: buckwheat porridge, vegetable salad, tea with lemon

Snack: 5-7 nuts of choice

Dinner: salad of boiled squid and corn, drink for weight loss mint


Breakfast: two boiled eggs, low fat cottage cheese, coffee or tea without sugar

Snack: grapefruit juice

Lunch: meat soup, with pepper, a piece of boiled meat, vegetable salad with 1 cucumber, 1 tomato, tea

Snack: fat burning drink with mint

Dinner: piece of salmon, vegetable stew, tea with lemon

Meals for the week for weight loss, are able to accommodate you. However, on the basis of the need that these products. It is very important the size of the portions. If we are talking about cereals, puree, stew, is the extent of the portions not to exceed 250 grams, it is easy to measure Cup.

To speed up your metabolism will help ordinary water, so it is necessary to drink at least 1.5-2 liters per day. To calculate the required amount of water according to the formula given in the article. How much to drink to lose weight.

This menu will help you develop the habits, good nutrition, lose weight, and not gain in the future. Also without workout, you will feel the result, and ease in the body (subject to regulation). Good luck!