Weight loss through body wraps — effective recipes

It is believed that the ingredients of the mixture, which is used to literally burn the subcutaneous fat, and after one session weight loss is 3-4 cm, it is More likely that the active compounds to provide a pronounced a pronounced drainage effect. To achieve steady progress in weight reduction is possible only after the full course of treatment.

wrap for the skin

It is noticed that wrap for weight loss buttocks and legs, to be more effective than similar treatment for the stomach confirmed the assessment. The phenomenon is due to the fact that the lower part of the body tend to accumulate more peaceful liquid – and it seems due to the drainage. Increase weight loss is possible if you conduct wrap in conjunction with physical facilities, massage and nutrition. Output of the ballast substances from the body, especially speed up the hot packs, but are not shown to everyone.

The result is not only weight loss, and overall improvement of the body:

  • enriched with vitamins, macro - and microelements;
  • improvement of microcirculation;
  • how to get rid of the swelling;
  • strengthening lipolysis;
  • the thickness reduction of body fat;
  • lifting the skin, smoothing its roughness.

Technology lining. Indications and contra-indications

The procedure, which is carried out at home or the salon, which is divided into 4 phases.

  • Taking a hot shower, the skin is cleaned of dead skin layers of cells, opens the pores.
  • Clean skin that is covered with a mixture, which contains therapeutic mud, seaweed, chocolate, honey, clay. The following is a wrap food film for weight loss. This is an important point, slow down the heat transfer and fluid waste. Top wear warm ha
  • At the end of the entire composition is washed off under running water.
  • For the extension and consolidation of the result allows the use of creams or lotion.

The number of sessions and the weight loss determined by how the running of cellulite, what is the deviation of the body from the norm and what is the age of. The course can be between 6 and 15 sessions of 0.5-2 months.

Indications to the body wrap are excess fat, each level of cellulite, flaccid skin, stretch marks, age lines and wrinkles on the skin. First, to ensure the absence of allergies to the ingredients of the composition. Treatment is prohibited to pregnant and lactating women, the the contraindications and certain diseases:

  • the heart and the circulatory system;
  • tumor;
  • chronic or recent gynecologic;
  • skin – eczema, inflammation, rashes;
  • elevated blood pressure;
  • varicose veins.

Vinegar wrap is not possible to use the minimum damage to the skin – wounds, scratches, burns. However, legs with thickened vessels, apple cider vinegar is useful – it makes you less visible capillaries and "stars".

How to make wraps at home? Popular options

As confirmed by the reviews, the active weight loss occurs when using the available products: honey, mustard, bite of coffee.

Mustard with honey

Honey, expels toxins, replenishes the skin and subcutaneous layer with trace elements. Mustard speeds up the blood circulation, warms the body and intensificare action lining. Honey mustard is the most popular way to weight loss, which practice at home.

vinegar wrap

The recipe is simple, but has its own characteristics. Thick honey melt in a water bath (warming of more than up to 60°). Mustard, slightly diluted with water. The mustard component, it is preferable to prepare powder: 2 tablespoons ground mustard seeds need 2 teaspoons of sugar, a little salt, 0.5 tsp vinegar, 1 tbsp olive oil. All mix, dilute with water to density of sour cream and leave for 24 hours in the dark room.

If you want to use for weight loss, honey and mustard wrap, you need to remember a few rules:

  • for the first session in the mix put at least mustard, the amount increasing gradually – it depends on the individual perception;
  • for each problem area requires a special procedure, in order not to overload the heart;
  • session duration – no more than one hour, but start with 15-20 minutes.

After the composition is applied on the abdomen, thighs or buttocks, the relevant part of the body wrapped in several layers of foil and warm clothing or a blanket. If the accumulation of heat, but not burning – so the proportions of the mixture are selected well. A mixture of rinse with warm water, lubricate the skin calming cream. Of course, the lining from the mustard with the honey includes 15 procedures with every 3-4 days.

Recipe vinegar lining

To, sheets, film, glass or ceramic accessories, warm blankets. Use store-bought vinegar, you can cook it from apples with your hands: natural product the most secure. 6% vinegar, diluted with water in the ratio of 1:1, impregnated with a solution of journal and press. When you're finished wrap the abdomen and flanks with a damp cloth, wrapped plastic foil. For the lining of the leg wear, a cloth soaked in the vinegar solution slim pants, and at the top of the film – woolen leggins.

The first is a feeling of cold, then gets hot and starts the separation of the sweat. This process speed up, drinking hot raspberry tea. The first session lasts for 0.5 hours, the following procedures gradually adjusts to 2 hours. Vinegar rinse with warm water without soap, put a moisturizing cream or antivarikozny.

The course includes 15 procedures, which are carried out twice a week. The feedback received is that at the end of the cycle, the weight loss is estimated at more cm in the waist and hips, if at the same time engage in special exercises.

Prescription for weight loss legs and thighs

Good preparations for procedures in the home are: honey with cinnamon, honey with ginger and grapefruit oil, blue clay. The effective work of the lining of the olive oil on the basis of: with the addition of drugstore kelp powder or chocolate cinnamon. A popular recipe where olive oil combine the ground coffee in any proportion – this part can is used on stomach to lose weight, is held in the complex.


After showering pounded washcloth, dry feet heated cover composition: layer thickness of approximately 5 mm. Leg wrap wrapped in a spiral of 4-6 layers. The solution does not escape capture at 10 cm above and below the treated area. After that you have to the heat to escape and relax on the 1.5-2 hours, then rinse composition. For weight loss was noticeable, it should be 10-12 sessions each two days.

How to lose weight with body wraps? Tips and advice

Weight loss, as seen with the reviews, it goes faster, when, after a number of simple rules.

  • Doing the procedures at home, so it is desirable to do a mix of tools, which are offered by various manufacturers.
  • Anti-cellulite creams and preparations, it is recommended to use before lunch.
  • In the double effect of lining, pre-take a bath with sea salt. Between the water treatments displayed the pores, cleanses the skin, go with the swelling and excess fluid
  • The traditional process of wrapping with cling film and a blanket can be alternated with an equally effective option. Covering the body of the mixture, lie down in a hot bath (temperature 37-38°). The method works on the principle of balneological treatment: cleaned of the sweat and sebaceous ducts, accelerates the capillary circulation. Oxygen and useful features sooner. cells.
  • If wrapped in selected cosmetic clay, it is ready, not in a metal bowl and in a glass or ceramic. Instead from ordinary water, mineral, melt or decoction of herbs.

There are cold and warm lining – all types of promote weight loss on its own. For the first is characterized by the use of mix the room temperature – have narrow pores and capillaries, so the toxins the lymph carries excretory the system, from which are deduced in a natural way. Warm lining cast ballast material through the open the pores of the skin.