The Program is a comprehensive and proper weight loss

Do not rush to be disappointed. After all, if this is necessary, in the first place, but the program can still continue, and, secondly, it will be a really stable result and weight and improve the health and well-being, physical appearance and mood.

Day 1-3. Days cleansing diet before a weight loss.

Until you clear the intestines and regulates the digestive tract start weight loss dangerous the body tends to absorb the maximum of the minimum amounts of food that will begin to arrive in limited quantities, it has not happened yet addictive to decrease the volume of food and reduce calories daily diet.

In those first days, it is important to drink plenty of water: 2-3 liters. Some people do not like to drink water. Will have to get used to is: if you don't do enough water between meals, the body will start to take her away from the cells, and particularly intense in the colon. The result – sagging skin, constipation, and compressed remains undigested and is not cancelled in good time the food starts to accumulate in the form of fecal stones.

In addition, if the insufficient intake of water, it starts not only to be stored in the body, but also on the stock; consequently, the appearance of edema and deterioration of health.

If it is your usual menu of fried and spicy food, preserved food, sausages and fast food, then before this diet management pre-integrated cleaning – this will be more tangible results of the first 3 days, but will take additional 7-10 days. fast food

     Weight reduction these days may be from 1 to 3 kg only due to the bowel cleansing. In General, the weight of this surplus, which you can wear even a thin man can attain 1-10 kg, depending on the size.

In the evening, at 3. day, drink the activated coal from calculation 1 tablet on 10 kg of weight. This natural absorbent and will even detoxify the body.

Day 4.. Spend your vegetable fasting day. Salad-broom fully justifies its name: due to the large amounts of fiber, which swells in the intestines, absorbs toxins, effective displays, promotes peristalsis. This salad is low-calorie products, in addition to its ingredients are products with zero calories. The body will gradually get used to the fractus diet, a smaller amount of meals. While the size of the stomach is reduced, will the feeling of hunger. Only one exit: when the feeling to drink only water, or should always be within reach of fruit and nuts: the first will give you the amount of food, the other – the protein, fat and calories. It is better to eat a few cashew nuts or 1-2 walnut between main meal as a hearty and nutritious dinner, because the body will tend to the usual norm of calories and food.

In the days of 5-10 minutes. Now you can create your personal menu for proper weight lossthat the low calorie intake 1200-1400 kcal, is a balanced composition of all the nutrients and minerals necessary for the vital activity of the organism is the basis for the right program of weight loss.

For the first week, when there will be an increased load on the body and your will, you can use ready-made weekly menu, which will not only help reduce weightbut also to improve the condition of skin and hair.

In the future, you can easily consist of your diet with healthy products, taking into account their compatibility and calories content, as well as tourist season.

Day 11. We can sum up the results of its comprehensive and proper weight loss. Range of waist and hip should be reduced. The body has to get used to food restrictions and reduce the volume of food. The intestinal function is completely normalized. The weight should be reduced at least by 2-3 kg due to bowel cleansing and the beginning of the fat burning process. Further weight loss will happen more slowly, so be prepared.

Weight loss with weight loss programs prevents the signs of sagging and sagging skin on the face and body. Thank you for regular exercises and morning contrast shower, normalizes metabolism.With the help of a facial massage keeps the elasticity of skin and not the look of wrinkles and sagging, self-massage of the body helps to intensively secrete toxins and keep the skin elasticity of the body, prevents the formation of wrinkles, in the former fat.  Weight loss

Due to the fact that the menu is a balanced composition, the body gets adequate quantities of all required materials. Frequent eating and a great number of drinks per day of water, fruit and nuts, which allows you to deal with the feeling of hunger and the feeling of food restrictions.

Now there are 2 ways comprehensive weight loss.

Option 1. – performs all of the fasting day. In the future, to repeat once a week and select a day and menu.

Option 2. – for the strong spirit and the most appropriate. We offer you the 3 days will be difficult. Yes, they will be a certain stress for the body, but it has already produced 10 day restricting food. It's like a sprint to the end. For the scheduling of these days better so that they had on Friday-Sunday. Then Monday will start with the usual buffet Breakfast and continue with the regular menu of the day.

Friday – fasting day.

Saturday - if you don't have diseases, which should take into account the contra-indications, you can spend one day, just on water: water filtered, you need to drink at least 2.5 liters per day. It is hard for the first time. Better on this day, do not schedule important meetings and physical activity – the weakness will be felt.

In 16. and 17. the time – use of st. john's wort, peppermint, rose hips: 2 tbsp. l. a collection of steam hours liter of boiling water, strain and drink a glass every hour. One glass left to drink before bedtime.

Evening – salad-broom.

Sunday. vegetable fasting day.

Evening – salad + boiled chicken or fish fillet that you can cook in a double boiler or on the gas grill in the foil.

These extreme 3 days are not in conflict with the full and proper weight loss – salads are vegetable fats, fiber, vitamins and minerals. And the necessary amount of protein, the body received more than in the previous days, consisting of vegetables, dairy and meat products. milk

But to have them only once a month, – for the prevention and stimulation of metabolic processes.

And learn to listen to your body – if it was the irresistible feeling of hunger or nausea – do not allow extremes and breakdowns: let your kitchen look the glasses with dried fruit: raisins, dry apricots, dry plums and figs, nuts and seeds.

Mandatory fruits and vegetables. If you really want sweet, choose the honey (it must be the minerals and vitamins + accelerate the metabolism) and raspberry jam (homemade) or apricot jam. Instead of a cupcake – dark chocolate, peanuts in chocolate (very rich!) or the jam.

Believe me, I appreciate that advise. But I also know that, from time to time my friends desperately wanted some delicious and sweet. And what disruption has ended. If the break mode, use: peanuts do not need to advertise, chocolate, jelly is pectin, useful for the skin and the skeletal system, for the cleaning of the body. Advice to a reasonable amount, and rarely use, I think that is too much.

The body does not want anything for nothing is a sweet essential for the proper functioning of the liver, mental fatigue, loss of power. But in moderation and in reason.

To properly lose weight, gradually, without harm to health, that your weight loss program , which is based on the one I offered you is not easy, but it's true. And the main result is a stable weight and a healthy body.