Effective program for weight loss the sides and belly


Weight loss sides and the belly is a difficult and painstaking process. Genetically woman have to have an emergency stash in the waist on the case of an emergency, to ensure his life and the lives of their offspring. Today, these skills are not really needed, but nevertheless, the stock is stored.

The characteristics of the weight loss in the abdominal area and sides

A variety of "hungry" diet can help in getting rid of 2-3 pounds from the waist, but their effect is short-term, and the lost pounds come back with a vengeance. A variety of balanced and healthy diet and food, which is designed for weight loss to the sides or on the belly also not be magic acts and the work most effectively only in conjunction with properly selected physical exercises.

The golden rule of any weight loss to waste, which the body's own resources, "they spend more than they spend" works here, as it is impossible by the way. We analyze the normal mode of the day, calculate approximately how many calories you spend per day and how many you will get. Or is it sufficient of physical activity, no heavy, greasy dinners, how often to eat? You may see your "sins", our own rescue and weight loss, go on your way, or simply trust our diet and exercise program from the best fitness trainers.

System diet for weight loss belly and sides


General guidelines for weight loss belly and sides result in the rejection of food products, harmful waist reduction in total calorie intake and the fractional energy. Eat often, small portions, not waiting for the feeling of hunger. The frequency of meals should be 2.5 hours. Also weight loss the sides and belly excluded from the diet foods and dietary supplements containing natural products, such as mayonnaise, sausages, margarine and others. Refrain from alcohol, rice, pasta, pastries.

Weight loss belly not for the time of flour, substitute regular bread product with the bran. Increase the intake of greens, fruit (except bananas) and fresh vegetables. Fruit, potatoes and cereals should be consumed in the morning. For dinner, choose protein foods (low-fat meat, cheese, fish) in combination with a salad of green vegetables, seasoned with lemon juice.

For the normalization of the gastrointestinal tract, include in the daily menu of milk and milk products. For efficient fat burning process, enrich the diet with protein.

Let's look at a specific example of how the system works eating for weight loss the sides and belly.

On an empty stomach, drink a glass of room temperature water without gas.

After 15 minutes, 100 g of oatmeal, 100 grams of fruit puree and green tea without sugar.

After 2.5 hours, the scrambled eggs of 2 eggs on a dry pan with the vegetables, the salad, dressed with olive oil.

After 2.5 hours, 70 g of buckwheat porridge with vegetables, salad (except carrot and beet).

After 2.5 hours, 150 g fillet of Turkey, chicken or lean beef with salad.

After 2.5 hours, boiled 3 egg protein with the salad.

After 2.5 hours, 180 g low fat cheese, tea without sugar.

Also the day, when you should drink at least 2 litres of water without gas.

You can't eat sugar, fried. To 15.00 you can eat on the day of the grapefruit.

Fitness: exercise for weight loss the sides and belly


Weight loss sides and the belly is not possible without fitness. The main rule of this type of exercise is the systematic implementation. You must train at least 5 times a week, otherwise the outcome will not be seen. Select the most appropriate exercises for you and continue to slim the waist.

  • Weight loss belly suitable exercises. The lumbar spine should be pressed on the floor, knees bent, feet on floor, hands clasped to his head. For training the upper abdominal muscles to raise the torso, the lower part of the abdomen is needed to raise a straight leg, not bent at the knee. For the lateral abdominal muscles select the lifting of the torso from twisting. Lifting of the torso, try to touch right elbow to left knee and vice versa, from left to right. The number of repetitions should be comfortable for you, growing every day for 3-4 recovery.
  • The ring is very effective in shaping the waist. A weight loss wrap will not only keep the muscles in tension, but also massage all of the tissue in the problem area to ensure maximum flow of blood to them, to remove excess fluid that your body start for weight loss. 15-20 min per day and the result will not keep itself waiting.
  • Stripe. Great exercise for the abdominal, the muscles of the spine and some leg muscles. Her greatest charm is that its implementation only takes 1-2 minutes. Every woman, no matter how busy, will find this time for yourself.
  • To perform lie on the floor, on your stomach, take the toe-elbow position, pull the belly in, back straight. In this position, the maximum tension of the muscles of the stomach, must have at least one minute. If it is difficult, start with 30 seconds, each day increasing the time by 10 seconds. If you want to perform this exercise, lie down on the floor, cross legs, on the legs, spread them apart elbows. Somknite hands in the castle behind head and lift head and upper back (shoulder blades) on the principle of rotation. To 30 repetitions.
  • Bike. Cycling in the fresh air, but of course it will have a positive impact on the image, but this is not about them. The exercise is performed lying on your back. Cross arms above head, lift legs perpendicular to the body and execute the movement with your feet, if you have pedal Cycles. First forward, then back. Lift the upper part of the torso, trying to touch elbows to knees and gradually bring the leg to the ground, this way you will increase the load on the abdominal muscles.

Stick to the above power supply system in combination with simple exercises and a few weeks after your stomach and flanks will acquire a very different kind: come fat, you will see that the elasticity of the skin and muscle.