Maggi diet: menu for 4 weeks

There are many girls in the world who want to lose weight. Some leave such a business a dream forever, while others look for different ways to get rid of annoying pounds.

Nutrition experts, on the other hand, offer a large number of diets that can help solve the problem of being overweight. Today we’re looking at a version of Maggi’s menu in which you can lose weight but at the same time not torment yourself with hunger.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Maggi diet

food for the maggi diet

The Maggi diet is considered an egg, a protein. Some associate Maggi with broth cubes, but that’s not the case. It got its name from its writer, Margaret Thatcher, whose inner circle simply called Maggi. The menu he puts together includes a large amount of protein food with minimal carbohydrates.

Let's look at the main benefits:

  • The course lasts for four weeks, during which time you don’t have to starve so the weight loss goes smoothly without damaging your body.
  • Depending on your general condition, you can lose 7-20 kg with the right approach.
  • The diet is quite varied, sometimes you can even drink your favorite soft drink and alcohol.
  • If you gradually increase your calorie intake after completing your treatment, you can maintain the weight you have gained.

But there are a number of drawbacks that everyone should consider before compiling a menu:

  • This course is not recommended for those who have stomach or other gastrointestinal problems.
  • It also makes no sense for people with allergies to stick to it because the list of foods includes citrus fruits, eggs and other foods that can cause allergies.

Maggi's Articles of Association

Tune in to consume monotonous foods. The main ingredients in the Maggi diet are eggs and citrus fruits.

Exercise because all weight loss requires moderate physical activity.

Drink plenty of up to 2 liters of mineral water a day.

The mode must be strictly adhered to, the menu must be strictly adhered to. It is difficult to achieve the desired result with any setting. If you get lost for up to half a day during the course, you need to start over.

What to eat

grapefruit and eggs for the maggi diet photo 1
  • Drink plenty of fluids. In addition to mineral water, tea and coffee, any amount, even a small amount of diet soda, is allowed.
  • We can add very little salt, garlic and spices to the food.
  • If you’re hungry and it’s not yet time to eat, you can snack on a salad, cucumber or carrot.
  • If the menu does not include a specific amount of the product, you can consume any amount.
  • Pour any salad with olive oil and lemon juice. If desired, the specified list of vegetables can be consumed separately without mixing.
  • The menu assumes frequent consumption of eggs. When cooked or fried without oil, they do not become a source of cholesterol.
  • Meat and chicken are not interchangeable, so follow the recommended diet list. Use lean meat and eat skinless chicken. The meat is cooked, steamed, steamed and fried. Season with onions, garlic and spices.
  • The fruit can be almost anything except the very sweet ones. Those allowed include apples, pears, apricots, tangerines, plums, grapefruit, oranges, pineapples, watermelons, melons, peaches.
  • If the menu recommends eating fruit, take one, such as only apples or only tangerines. A fruit salad is just a mixture of several fruits.
  • You can eat boiled zucchini, eggplant, beans, patchouli, zucchini, carrots, green peas. It should also be eaten separately if the item "cooked vegetables" is on the menu.
  • If you write "any finished vegetable, " you can make an assortment, but only without potatoes.
  • Maize is a cereal and is therefore not on the list of authorized vegetables. According to the Maggi diet, it is one of the banned foods.

  • Low-fat cheese is a type of cheese with a fat content of up to 17%. They can be replaced with low-fat cottage cheese and feta cheese.

Which is not allowed

  • Do not use oil or fat when cooking. Do not fry the meat in fat or oil.
  • Figs, dates, mangoes, grapes, bananas are prohibited.
  • The use of sugar, butter, mayonnaise and similar dressings is prohibited.
  • It is better to quit smoking, large amounts of alcohol, otherwise you will not receive benefits after completing the course.

A detailed menu of Maggi's egg diet for every day

Maggi's menu is intermittent, it's important here every day, let's look at the main nuances:

In the first week, breakfast will be the same all seven days: eggs, citrus fruits.

  • The first day is a day of fasting, so only cooked meat can be eaten. By the way, there is also the Maggi cottage cheese diet, whose 4-week menu is very similar to the egg diet, only the eggs are replaced with cottage cheese.
  • From day two, the menu is supplemented with cooked vegetables and then cheese is added. For three weeks, vegetables should only be eaten cooked or steamed.
  • Tuesday and Thursday of the second week are fasting days, so you have to refuse dinner.
  • The third week begins with the consumption of low-calorie foods.
  • From the fourth week onwards, the number of eggs consumed is reduced, and the use of raw vegetables is permitted.

Maggi diet: menu for week 1

grapefruit and eggs for the maggi diet photo 2

We have breakfast every day from a boiled egg and 0, 5 oranges or grapefruit.


  • We eat fruits in any quantity (apples, pears, oranges, apricots).
  • We have dinner with boiled beef or lean pork.


  • Eat skinless cooked chicken for lunch.
  • Dinner with cucumber, pepper, carrot, tomato, two boiled eggs on toast and grapefruit salad.


  • Eat tomatoes, not greasy cheese in the afternoon.
  • In the evening - cooked turkey.


  • We have dinner with the same fruits.
  • We have dinner with cooked meat salad.


  • Dine with two boiled eggs, bean salad, green peas, pumpkin and carrots.
  • Dine with boiled fish, vegetable salad and oranges.


  • The best lunch will be the brass apple.
  • Dinner - carrots, cabbage, stewed meatballs.


  • Dine with boiled chicken breast, tomatoes, zucchini, grapefruit or orange.
  • You can enjoy steamed vegetables for dinner.

Maggi diet: Diet for the 2nd week

grapefruit and eggs for the maggi diet photo 3

Breakfast is the same every day: two boiled eggs, half an orange or grapefruit.


  • We have lunch with cooked meat and salad.
  • We have dinner with salad, two boiled eggs and grapefruit.


  • We have lunch with fried meat without oil and fresh vegetable salad.
  • Today is fasting day, we were left without dinner.


  • We have lunch with cooked meat and cucumbers.
  • We have dinner with two boiled eggs and an orange.


  • We serve dinner with boiled eggs, steamed vegetables and cheese.
  • Thursday fasting day without evening snack.


  • We eat fried fish during the day.
  • In the evening we eat two boiled eggs.


  • In the afternoon we eat cooked meat, a little tomato, grapefruit dessert.
  • In the evening we eat a fruit salad of tangerines, peaches, apples and prunes.


  • Lunch: boiled chicken breast, vegetables, an orange.
  • We have dinner with chicken breast, tomatoes and oranges.

Third week

frkuts for the maggi diet
  • Monday: We eat fruit all day - no matter how much.
  • Tuesday: We eat raw and cooked vegetables all day except potatoes.
  • Wednesday: Unlimited fruits, vegetables, salads.
  • Thursday: Pamper yourself with boiled or fried fish and cabbage salad.
  • Friday: Boiled beef, chicken, rabbit, turkey, cooked vegetables - zucchini, eggplant, pumpkin.
  • Saturday and Sunday: We only eat one kind of fruit, no matter how much. Choose from pears, peaches, apples, apricots.

Fourth week

Create your own menu from the products on offer.

  • Monday: Any cooked meat or chicken, 3 tomatoes, 4 cucumbers, canned oil-free tuna, it is recommended to rinse under warm water. Grapefruit and a toast.
  • Tuesday: 250 g of cooked meat, vegetable salad, cucumber, tomato, toast. Instead of dessert, eat a pear, grapefruit and a slice of melon.
  • Wednesday: A tablespoon of low-fat cottage cheese or cheese, up to 200 g of cooked vegetables, 2 cucumbers and tomatoes, oranges, toast.
  • Thursday: Boiled chicken breast, grapefruit, toast, three tomatoes, a cucumber.
  • Friday: boiled eggs - 2 pieces, tomatoes - 3 pieces, zucchini, one orange.
  • Saturday: 250 g of boiled chicken breast, toast, cottage cheese, can be replaced with feta cheese, stewed carrots, grapefruit, yogurt.
  • Sunday: 1 p. m. l. cottage cheese, canned tuna without oil, a couple of boiled vegetables, toast, fresh tomato salad, cucumber, orange.

tips and tricks

For overweight people, the Maggi diet is recommended every six months. After passing, gradually change your diet, gradually increase the number of calories you consume.

Be especially attentive to very fatty, sweet foods, eat in moderation. It is not recommended to overeat or get carried away by food fried in oil.

If you really want to keep the results you have achieved, you should always pay attention to your diet.

Diet is not recommended for everyone, so consult your doctor before starting. For beginners in this business, it is better to have a personal nutrition expert who will help you set the menu properly, taking into account the individual characteristics of the person.