Is It Possible To Lose Weight Fast At Home

girl eating porridge for weight loss

The answer to the question, "How to lose weight fast at home? " Thousands of "nutritionists" on Instagram, and millions of motivational writers don’t even want to go into that.

All they have to do is get another consumer to visit the site and buy a technique. Therefore, often instead of losing weight and living a normal life, it turns out in retrospect to be either a thin woman but closely tied to diet and so-called proper nutrition, or a person who is tired of the alternation of hunger strikes and overeating.

And what about the modern analogue of Grandma’s notebook with recipes - social networks, here you and a diet of some vegetables, and it’s not clear who’s training for just jumps. All of this usually leads to some unknown goal and not the goal. However, you can lose weight quickly and slowly, at home and with a coach. The only question is how ready you are for an effective fast weight loss protocol.

Fast weight loss from a physiological point of view.

Medical sources claim that anything that leads to weight loss of more than 500 grams per week is an infamous method for rapid weight loss. Why is the world fixed on these pounds? Because only at this rate is the level of stress in weight loss minimal and the risk of exacerbation of chronic diseases reduced to almost zero.

Slow weight loss has another benefit - it is less likely to reduce muscle mass below normal and therefore gain a slower metabolism after a diet. With what is affordable, you will be able to eat normally and easily retain your new weight. Rapid weight loss, even at home, is psychologically easier and generally better suited to our goals. But only available if:

  • the person already has the skill to control their diet. It doesn’t matter how you do it, but you know how to do it. Doses can be measured and recorded in an online diary or application. You can draw a schematic "plate" and reduce the amount of carbohydrate garnishes lying on it by increasing your vegetable portions. You can easily count the number of spoons like some. Before you start losing weight quickly at home, a person needs to be aware of how much they are eating right now, when they are doing it, and how to avoid overeating when conflicting social situations arise;
  • a person is well trained and has types of activities at his or her disposal physically that allow him or her to get rid of 700-1000 kcal during a workout. That is, you should be able to run at a pace of 6, 30 minutes, cheerfully lift fairly heavy weights, or even swing with a rocker. Step aerobics, zumba, and other "high-tech" fitness classes don’t solve the problem for the simple reason that adapting to them is faster than for simple sports loads. Or our heroine has to attend 2 aerobics classes a day;
  • the person has no eating disorders. This is not only about anorexia and bulimia, but also about so-called "unspecified disorders". For example, overeating caused by an influx of emotions, or fear of consuming various foods. In general, the less emotion and anxiety there is at this stage, the better;
  • no diseases of the nervous system, heart, blood vessels, kidneys, liver, gastrointestinal tract;
  • no stress or sudden changes in life. For this simple reason, rapid weight loss is not recommended for young mothers. Along with changing your usual routine, it can significantly damage your mental and physical health.

How to lose weight fast at home?

There are not many scientifically based protocols for rapid weight loss. Only one of them is available for beginners. Called "pure nutrition, strength and cardio" Fast weight loss for beginners.

A simple chart will help you organize your diet:

  1. breakfast- one part protein, one part fat. Without significant "problems" for most of humanity, the problem was scrambled with 2 eggs, and some of the vegetables needed to taste snacks - complex carbohydrates, protein, fiber - solve it. Here you can eat your usual oatmeal, on water, but with a serving of cottage cheese or a scoop of protein. Plus a handful of berries;
  2. dinner- A serving of protein and a serving of vegetables on a non-workout day, as well as a complex carbohydrate in a workout snack - protein and a serving of fat. For example, the same cottage cheese with nuts. This helps reduce digestive activity in the evening;
  3. dinner- a portion of lean protein and any vegetables.

Female doses for non-athletes should normally be counted at 100 g, excluding oils, nuts and fats. These products are packaged per 30 grams per serving. Completely exclude all industrially processed foods with added sugar and fructose, as well as canned foods. Drink only water and drinks without sugar. Eat every hour - eat every 3 hours.

Things are a little more complicated than fitness. Honestly, home workouts are not the best option for a beginner. One learns to perform basic movements as the body tells him, often with mistakes. This can then lead to injuries as work weight and workout increase. Therefore, the next section is recommended for reading only by those who are already tired of doing basic strength exercises with a coach.

This should not be done in the usual way when girls are losing weight, but according to a strictly opposite pattern. You need to train your whole body 3 times a week with heavy basic exercises. Usually, the sun alternates with squats, bounces, bench presses, and belt pulls on a day when there are dead lifts, hyperextension, standing press, and pull-ups.

The press can be made in the usual way or replaced by a rod. The point is different - the exercises are intentionally performed slowly, but with weights that you can lift 5-8 times. And ideally 5, not 8. On days off - jogging, it is better to extend and stretch all the muscles. All of this suggests an idea - either we buy electrical equipment at home, or we buy a subscription nonetheless.

Can you do it at home, such as any mat exercise or video aerobics, and lose weight? You can do it, but you will lose your muscles. This will be especially noticeable in the case of calorie deficiency. Such a system is full of long output. After reaching your goal weight, you should spend about six months gradually adding calories to avoid achieving sharp weight gain.

Special protocol. The diet is based on the principle of protein-carbohydrate alternation:

  • strengthening training days - 3 g of carbohydrates per 1 kg of body weight, 0, 5 g of fat and 1, 5 g of protein;
  • on cardiac days - 1 g of carbohydrate, 1 g of fat and 1, 5 g of protein;
  • on days off - 0, 5 g of carbohydrates, 1 g of fat and 1, 5-2 g of protein

Workouts are arranged more "freely" than in everyday life. If you have previously practiced the "muscle group" division, switch to "pull-press legs" and do not exercise up to 3 times a week. Everyone usually has problems recovering from such a diet. The interval cardio is the best as published in Fitnessblender and not the home cardio machine. Or go sprinting.

After reading this text, many people need to think, "But this is for those who have sports equipment at home and who already know how to count calories! " So if you have it, you better follow traditional weight loss protocols - 30 per dayminutes of any physical activity as well as a diet that reduces energy by 10%. At home, this is completely doable.