How to lose weight fast: 20 methods at home

effective way to lose weight fast

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about how to lose weight is exhausting diets and all day at the gym.

But what if you don't have enough energy, time or motivation? This is no reason to give up your dream!

That's why we suggest you start with the 20 easiest ways to lose weight fast at home!

1. Water

Be sure to drink water and check your water balance. If you don’t usually drink 2 liters a day, don’t start with extremes. Take a rule to drink a glass in the morning, before lunch and at bedtime - even that is enough for now. You can add lemon, a little mint or a drop of honey.

2. Sleep

Sleep is not only the most important component of good health, but also of weight loss. If you don’t get enough energy, you don’t have enough energy for the whole day, and even more so for your workout. If you are constantly tired, you are more likely to want to eat unhealthy foods such as burgers or chocolate.

3. A balanced diet

Diet breakdown occurs on a regular basis because an unprepared person chooses too radical restrictions. Eating habits should be changed gradually and comprehensively, not counting the days when you can eat the long-awaited cake again.

Replace simple carbohydrates such as rolls, snacks, and fast foods with complex ones — brown rice, fried potatoes, nuts. Replace sunflower oil with healthier olive or coconut oil. Eat the right fats - red fish, avocado, nuts, olives, wheat germ. Don’t forget about protein - chicken, meat, dairy, legumes.

4. Power Mode

You don't have to blindly follow a meal plan. It has long been proven that it is more suitable for someone to eat often but little, and for someone - twice a day, but in large portions.

But the system of choice must be adhered to, and at the same time, the heavier meals must be delivered in the morning and the lighter ones left in the evening.

5. Sugar substitutes

Unfortunately, you really have to give up sugar. If it is too difficult for you at first, try different substitutes. Stevia, erythritol, sorbitol, sucralose are different in consumption and taste. There are now plenty of healthy desserts and even sugar-free syrup. Try and choose!

6. Not obvious sugar

Remember that sugar can be found in everything from store ketchup and pickles. This is just the cheapest and easiest preservative available. Therefore, pay attention to the compositions and give away the sugar, without which you can do it. You’ll be surprised, but you’re likely to eat more of it for a hearty meal from the grocery store than a piece of your favorite cake.

7. Intermittent fasting

intermittent fasting is one way to lose weight

Despite the awesome name, there is nothing wrong with this scheme.

In case of insulin problems, doctors even prescribe it to stabilize your blood sugar.

The point is, you eat 8 hours a day and the remaining 16 only drink water or tea without additives.

For example, you have breakfast at 10 a. m. and your last dinner at 6 p. m.

8. Green tea

The antioxidants found in high quality green tea perfectly cleanse the body and promote weight loss.

Drink before lunch when your metabolism is highest. At the same time, it promotes better and faster digestion of food.

9. Juice

But juices are contraindications for all weight loss. The point is, they also contain a lot of non-obvious sugar. The caloric content of the juice can be 2-3 times higher than that of beer or cider, but they are not usually drunk in 100 ml. If you want fruit or berries, just eat fresh!

10. Monitor your calories

If you like to keep track of things, calculating your calorie intake is the easiest way to lose weight fast.

Choose an online calculator of your choice and find out your daily fee, taking into account your age, initial weight, and activity. For rapid weight loss, you should fall below 30% of this norm.

11. Small doses

Use small portions of food - up to 200 grams at a time. You agree that if you are not full, you can take it in an additional 15 minutes when the previous food is absorbed. If you don’t have a kitchen scale, just use small plates and bowls.

12. Food Diary

Describe everything you eat during the day to understand exactly the number and frequency of snacks. Once you pay attention to how much nonsense you eat tea unnoticed, it becomes much easier to review your habits.

13, 10 minutes of sports

exercising is a way to lose weight

Many people think that training means at least an hour if you exhaust yourself in the sweat of your forehead.

But in fact, even 10 minutes of simple exercise is a great way to lose weight, tighten your body, and develop a healthy habit.

You may want more!

14. Abdominal vacuum

This simple exercise is great for pulling your stomach and burning a lottery lifeguard. It tones muscles that cannot be strengthened with regular abdominal workouts. Vacuum in the morning on an empty stomach to a glass of water.

15. Plank

Another basic practice is effective on each front.

The board burns fat, strengthens the back and arms, and tones the legs and abdominal muscles. Start with 20-30 seconds and within a week it will easily stand for more than a minute.

16. Morning Yoga

A simple, relaxed awakening workout doesn’t burn as many calories as cardio. But on the other hand, it invigorates, recharges the energy of the day, and most importantly, speeds up your metabolism. All carbohydrates and fats consumed during the day are processed faster.

17. Cardio exercise

These are the most effective loads for fast weight loss. This includes running, rope jumping, stepping, exercise bike - just select the option you like. If you like short but intense workouts, you need HIIT interval programs.

18. Small movements

Make it a rule to move a little hourly during the day. You can squat, jump in place, or just have fun.

Set a reminder on your phone or set your fitness tracker to beep after every session that is too long.

19. Ladder

Give up the elevator and walk home. If you live high, it will be hard for you at first, but in a week you will notice how much lighter the load is.

20. Housekeeping

household workouts for weight loss

Set your home routine into exercise.

Evenly distribute the weight of the bags on your hands as you walk home from the store.

If you vacuum or sweep, pay attention to your posture.

And if you do the dishes or arrange things - do it while dancing!