Simple and effective exercises for a flat stomach

how to lose weight with exercise

The path to achieving the perfect shape and appetizing shapes is often made difficult by eliminating problem areas. As a general rule, these are the sides and lower abdomen, which sometimes nullify the effort. This is often because girls do not quite approach the issue of weight loss. In order to restore the harmony of the waist space and make the pages smaller, you don’t just have to follow a diet or perform cosmetic procedures at home. It is also important to do a series of special exercises on a regular basis, focusing on weight loss in the most problematic areas. And these will be described in this article.

There is absolutely no need to exhaust yourself with a fitness workout if you want to burn excess fat from the side and waist. There are now plenty of effective practices you can use to tighten up problem areas without leaving your home.

Basic tips for those who want to lose weight

The female body is a unique and rather complex mechanism. Throughout their lives, genders experience changes in their bodies. Monthly changes are influenced by internal and external factors, improper nutrition contributes to the increase of the parameters of the figure. By changing your lifestyle and adding exercises to reduce belly and side weight, you can easily cope with the problem and eliminate being overweight in the most problematic areas of your body.

Contrary to popular belief that daily abdominal exercises come with a slim waist and beautiful lateral relief for girls, you need to remember that there is no local fat burning - fat is removed evenly from the abdomen and sides, but also from other parts of the body.

Only an integrated approach and special exercises will bring you closer to your desired goal. As for the intense pumping of the press, it only helps to tense the muscles. Unlike pumping the press, a series of exercises to reduce the size of the abdomen and eliminate side folds allow you to improve your body at home using certain muscle groups. Therefore, they are more effective than abdominal or strenuous diets.

To get your body in order, you need to try to eat right. To do this, you need to limit the consumption of harmful and high-calorie foods, alcohol, and rule out bad habits. Then home training and sports will be more effective.

useful tips for weight loss

In addition, additional recommendations contribute to weight loss in problem areas:

  • Divide your usual three meals a day into 5-6 meals a day;
  • eat small portions so that when you leave the table, you experience a slight feeling of hunger;
  • Drink 1 glass of clean water at room temperature about half an hour before a meal;
  • If you feel hungry in the evening, it is advisable to vaccinate with a glass of water or a little low-fat kefir.

If you follow these tips and do regular, effective abdominal, side weight loss at home, you'll see the first results in the first month.

Exercises for beautiful sides and “wasp waist”

Abdominal and lateral wrinkle exercises, which are easy to do at home, are fairly simple. To get rid of problem areas, you can use one of the training options, which consists of easy and simple tasks. Examples are given below.

Set of exercises for a flat stomach

  • Plank Workout.This is the simplest and most effective exercise that makes your slightly sagging belly tighter and flatter. It is performed as follows: starting position - pose for floor supports from the floor. The body should be parallel to the floor surface and both arms should be supported. Once you have taken up the situation described, you should stay as long as possible, straining your abdominal muscles. For beginners, you can start with 30 seconds, increasing the duration to 3-5 minutes.
  • Cycling Exerciseis a good way to strengthen your abdominal muscles and lose weight. This exercise is performed according to a classic, the usual scheme: starting position - lying on your back, with your legs extended forward, you perform movements that mimic a simple bike ride. In this case, the abdominal muscles must be forced.
  • Exercise "Press with your foot and put it behind your head". As in the previous case, to perform this exercise, you need to take out the starting position - you are lying on the floor with your back, arms along your body, and your legs outstretched lengthwise. You should slowly lift your closed and straight legs and take your legs smoothly behind your head.
  • swing legs for slimming sides
  • "Lifting the boot"exercise - on the principle of pumping the press, but with raised legs. You will need a chair, sofa or fitball to complete the exercise. Starting position - lie on the floor, put your feet on a support to get a 90 degree angle, cross your arms on your chest. You should perform torso lifts, rising as close to your knees as possible. Such exercises should be performed until a burning sensation appears in the abdominal muscles. Beginners can start with 3 to 10 reps, gradually increasing the number.
  • "Press with load legs"exercise. It is also a simple but effective exercise for lower abdominal weight loss. Starting position - lying on the floor, arms outstretched along the body, and between the legs with a fixed weight at the level of the ankles. If you do such exercises at home to lose weight on your belly, you can use a small pillow, a small rubber ball as a load; with straight legs, the load should be raised to form an angle of 30-45 degrees between them and the floor surface. It is worth staying in this position for 30-60 seconds. The loaded legs can then be lowered. We recommend gradually increasing the number of repetitions to give a slight burning sensation by the end of your workout.
  • Twisting Exercises- simple but very effective exercises for slimming the abdomen as well as the side. They are performed lying on the floor. By bending your legs to your knees, you should lift your body with your hands behind your head, from the floor to a small height. This position of the body is held for 1-12 minutes and then you can slowly lower yourself to the starting position. With crunches, you can noticeably reduce the size of your tummy and make it flatter without leaving your home.

Exercises complex elevated pages

In order to make the lateral area much smaller, eliminate the formed folds in these problem areas and bring back the lateral muscles, the following complex can be done at home.

As before, it is very simple and contains exercises similar to the following pages:

    slimming hoop on abdomen and side
  • Twist the hula hoop for 10-20 minutes a day.This is a very strong exercise for the abdomen and side. Thanks to him, you can not only make the sides more flexible and tighter, but also reduce the size of your abdomen. It is enough to buy special sports equipment and wrap it around your waist regularly.
  • Practice "Slopes". This action has been familiar to many since preschool. From an early age, children are taught this practice during warm-up, and because of the total number of possible activities, it is still the most effective. It is enough to stand up straight, holding your legs shoulder-width apart and slowly bending left and right. Beginners can do 15 reps on each side. You should gradually increase the number of approaches.
  • Exercises to eliminate side greasy sweets "Mill". They are performed according to the usual scheme: the starting position is on the floor, with your legs shoulder-width apart. You should then bend your torso forward and alternately extend your hand toward the toes of the opposite leg. This exercise not only works to tighten the side muscles and press, but also to strengthen the back.
  • Practice "Leg Swing". They are performed in a standing position, allowing you to enjoy your favorite TV show while training. You should stand on your side when approaching the table or with a chair facing up. Use your hands on the edge of the table / back of the chair to keep your posture horizontal. In addition, back and forth oscillations are performed alternately with each leg. It is advisable to raise your legs as high as possible and not bend your legs. It is recommended that you perform 3 swings of 15 for each foot
  • A very powerful "The Little Mermaid"exercise. Starting position: lying on the floor on your side with your head resting on one arm at your elbows and your other hand lying on the floor near your abdomen. It is necessary to raise both straight legs as high as possible. With your legs not bent at the knees, lower them slowly for a few seconds, lifting them again after resting for twenty seconds. So you need to do 10-15 reps, then turn over on the other side and do the same on the other side.